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AOA Resources

Informer Reports

Instructions for using Informer

  • Access has been granted to Informer Reports for all AOAs. It is accessed in the same way whether you are on a Windows or Mac Computer.
  • The Firefox browser is recommended
  • https://informer-v.hamilton.edu/informer
  1. Login using your Hamilton username and password.
    1. You will see six reports:
      1. Course Roster with Student Photo - see students in a section of a course
      2. Course Roster with Student Photo with Section Number (sorted) - see students in a course with multiple section (use if specific section is not known).
      3. Faculty - Student Advisement Counts for AOA (Select Dept from Faculty)
      4. Faculty - Student Advisement for AOA (Select Dept from Faculty)

      5. Majors List for AOAs - Get a List of all Current Majors. Select for a specific Class Year is optional.

      6. Minors List for AOAs - Get a List of all Current Minors. Select a Minor or Minors from the drop down menu. Select for a specific Class Year is optional.

  2. Click on Launch next to the report name and enter in the required parameter.

  3. The results reflects real-time data. You can export it to Excel, as long as you don't expect changes to the data.

  4. To export to Excel, click the Export Results in the upper, right corner

  5. Choose Excel-Comma Separated Values (.csv)

  6. If a column has multiple values in ONE column, choose "List by commaInformer Screen Shot

  7. Choose Export.

Interview Resources

Request Skype/Zoom Setup

LITS has four video conference carts located around campus. These are AV's first choice for supporting your video conferences. These carts are properly equipped and tested to provide the optimum experience for you and your guest. They are located in KJ, Science, Burke Library, and Spencer House. These buildings have elevators and multiple spaces to choose from when arranging your interviews.  

After you have worked out the schedule with your fellow faculty and your interviewees, you need to do the following:

  1. Contact Abbi Tushingham in AV, 315-859-4120, to see if you can reserve a conference cart.
  2. Using 25Live, locate and reserve a space in one of the four pre-mentioned buildings. Add an additional one hour for setup and testing before the first call and 1/2 hour after the last one for pickup.
  3. Confirm with Abbi the space and equipment ASAP so another department does not book the conference cart.

Our goal is to have the conference cart in the room, powered on, and tested 1/2 hour before your first interview.

On the day of the interviews, you, "the host," will need to

  1. Arrive 1/2 hour before the first interview
  2. Log into the computer
  3. Log into your Skype/zoom account
  4. Do a quick system test with the AV staff.  

This way any issues can be corrected before the first interview time arrives.

Skype users

  • All the interviewees should be in your contact list in your Skype account.  
  • Before the day of the interview, perform a quick one minute test call from your office to each participant.  This can alleviate many problems on the day of the interview.

Zoom users

  • Email invitations should be sent a few days ahead of time with a confirmation or receipt from all interviewees.  
  • For more information about Zoom please contact Scott Paul, 315-859-4435

AV student or staff technicians will remain with you until the start of the first interview.  If you run into technical difficulties after that point, please call the Help Desk at 315-859-4181.

Contact Information

Office of the Dean of Faculty

Buttrick Hall
198 College Hill Road
Clinton, NY 13323

Mon.-Fri.: 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
315-859-4601 315-859-4677
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