The Dean of Faculty office has an annual grant activity budget for support of individual faculty (rather than institutional) grant proposals to external grant agencies.  The purpose of the fund is to encourage proposal development, strengthen submissions, demonstrate institutional support for proposed activities, and increase funding rates.  The fund offers several broad categories of support:

A. Proposal development support

  • Proposal-writing workshop attendance
  • Consultations and collaborations on proposal development
  • Preliminary data collection and analysis (may include stipends)

B. Cost-sharing

  • Up to 30% (unless agency-specified otherwise) in cost-sharing on specific non-salary expenses/ requests (e.g., equipment, supplies, travel)

C. Indirect costs redirection

  • For grants that reimburse the college for indirect costs (e.g., NSF and NIH grants with salary and wages), the equivalent of 10% of those costs may be requested for project/ grant development-related (non-salary) expenses

D. Internal project awards

  • For individuals who have demonstrated "strenuous effort" in seeking grant support but not secured funding, despite strong proposal submissions, substantial support may be provided towards moving the proposed project forward

Application for any of the above should be made early in the academic year when possible to the Associate Dean of Faculty, from whom more details are available.  Overall support for a particular project will be limited, and so a plan for proposal development, pre-award commitments, and post-award support should be considered together.  Note that Jeff Ritchie in the grants office provides a range of additional grant development support, and general guidelines on proposal submission are available at the Office of Foundation, Corporate, and Government Relations.

E. Supplemental salary

  • Subject to available funding, the college can provide supplemental salary and benefits ("top-up") on external awards for one-year periodic leaves

For individuals who have demonstrated “strenuous effort” in seeking grant support leading up to the December 1 deadline (i.e., three to four recent grant proposals, or two to three, if at least one is a major proposal):

For the first semester of your leave you will receive half of your annual pay, as is standard. For the second semester of your leave and because you have been actively seeking external grant support, the college might be able to pay you, from the Grant Activity Fund, up to one-quarter of your annual pay if you are an assistant professor, up to one-fifth of your annual pay if you are an associate professor, or up to 15% of your annual pay if you are a full professor. This will be reported to you in the next salary letter that you will receive, in the June that follows your application for this supplemental salary support. Summer salary awards are not included in this consideration.

The total of the salary support from external funding and the support from the Grant Activity Fund is limited to half of your annual salary.  So, if you are awarded external funding and if the amount of salary support from this external funding together with the salary supplement from the Grant Activity Fund exceeds one-half of your annual salary, then your salary letter will be revised to reduce the draw from the Grant Activity Fund.

Faculty members who are considering an application for supplemental salary support should apply to the Associate Dean of the Faculty by December 1 of the academic year that precedes the year when the leave is to be taken. Requests for supplemental salary should include a brief summary of grant application activity.

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