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Hamilton’s campus operates like a small city, but it has the feel of a close neighborhood. Learn how the day-to-day needs of the members of our community are accomplished.

College policies, which have broad application across campus and affect multiple constituencies, are compiled on a webpage. For policies with a narrower focus please visit the appropriate divisional or unit website.

The logo design of the Chapel cupola — with its unique quill weather vane — signals the College’s historical roots and our commitment to clear and effective oral and written communication. The consistent use of this logo with the Hamilton wordmark on stationery, brochures, banners, the website and wherever Hamilton College signs its name helps solidify our place with our many constituents. The College’s Style Guide outlines the proper uses for the logo and wordmark and should serve as a guide as you help us present the College. If you have any questions, or to obtain printer-ready files of the logo, please contact Communications and Marketing.

The College issues employee ID cards known as the Hill Card. The Hill Card may be used for library privileges, Fitness Center access, golf course access and admission to College events.  The card also provides door access for card-access controlled buildings on campus.

In addition, the Hill Card provides a safe, easy and convenient way to make purchases on campus through declining balance privileges at campus dining halls, the Diner, Cafe Opus, Euphoria Smoothies, the Box Office and the Barnes & Noble college store.

New employees will be asked to upload a photo for their ID card as part of the orientation given by Human Resources.

Employees should contact the Hill Card Office at x4974 to obtain Facility Access Cards for their spouses, partners and dependent children over age 12. This card is required if they wish to take advantage of Campus facilities. The replacement fee for a lost card is $20.

To place an on-campus call, dial the 4-digit campus extension listed for that office or person on the online Hamilton College Directory at https://my.hamilton.edu/directory.

To place an outside call, dial 9 then 1, then the area code and the number.  

To place a call on hold, simply press the “Hold” button on your console. To reconnect the call to you, press the button for the line.

To transfer a call to another extension or office, inform the caller you are transferring his/her call, press the “Transfer” button on your console, dial the desired extension number, announce the caller to the person to whom you are transferring, then press the “Transfer” button again to release the caller. If you wish to transfer directly into voicemail, press transfer, dial 4809 and the person’s extension number and transfer again. If the line you are transferring the call to is busy or there is no answer, press the flashing extension button on your console and the original call will come back to you.

More About the Telephone System

The Telephone Department also handles all requests for telephone installation, servicing, repairs, etc. You can request a TIPSHEET from the Telephone Department by calling ext. 4160 or emailing telephone@hamilton.edu.

During the academic year employees may buy food at the Howard Diner, The Little Pub or at the Dining Halls in Commons or McEwen. An a la carte menu is available only at the Diner. The dining facilities accept payment via the Hill Card and cash. These food service establishments are operated by Bon Appetit and are normally closed when classes are not in session.  Dining services are also provided by FoJo (McEwen Hall and Taylor Science Center) and Euphoria Smoothies (Sadove Student Center). These merchants accept the Hill Card and cash. Euphoria Smoothies also accepts credit/debit cards.

On-Campus and External Mail Procedures

  • Please separate mail into the following four categories and rubber band: U.S. mail, Canada and Mexico mail and all other international mail.
  • Keep unsealed envelopes “nested” together, with the flaps open and like sizes and weights together (still separating U.S., international, etc.), with the exception of envelopes with flaps on the end. These cannot be sealed by our postage meter and should be sealed by you.
  • If your name or department is not imprinted on the envelope, please print or type this information under the return address section. Otherwise, the Mail Center must open the envelopes to determine their origin for billing purposes.
  • Notify the Mail Center of the budget line when charging mail to restricted or other special accounts.
  • On first and second day air envelopes, write your department name, or the department to be charged, under the reference number.
  • All personal mailings will be on a cash, personal check, credit card or Hill Card.

Overnight Mail
The College has a contract with UPS for overnight mail. Overnight letters and packages must be at the Mail Center no later than 3 p.m. UPS supplies are available from the Mail Center. There are a few rural areas where UPS cannot guarantee overnight delivery. Only in this situation should Federal Express be used. 

Please visit the Mail Center website for detailed information regarding Mail Center hours and services.

The Print Shop provides copying and printing service to all offices on campus.

Please visit the Print Shop website for copyright information, Print Shop services and guidelines and the Print Shop Service Request Form.

The Administrative Services Office establishes the College’s procurement policies and procedures and provides procurement services to the departments.  

General Supplies
If you need to order general supplies (i.e. lab supplies, computer software, books, etc.) for your office or department, you should fill out a Purchase Requisition form (pre-printed form available from the Print Shop) and forward it to Administrative Services. Administrative Services will fax, email or mail the purchase order to the vendor. Indicate your preference on the requisition form. Please include the fax number or email address on the purchase requisition.

With the exception of Facilities, invoices for College purchases made on College purchase orders should be uploaded using the College's Invoice Payment Form once the department has confirmed items have been received and invoice is correct.

Major purchases, such as furniture, computers, fax machines, etc., can only be made if an appropriate equipment account has been established by the Vice President, Administration and Finance. These purchases cannot be made from the general operating budget. Even with an approved account number, these purchases must be made through Administrative Services using a College purchase order. If you need assistance in obtaining competitive pricing or assistance with any campus purchasing, please call ext. 4998.

Office Supplies
The College currently has an exclusive office supply contract with W.B. Mason. Requisitions and purchase orders are not needed to order office supplies. Office supply orders can be placed directly with W.B. Mason via their website. If you need a W.B. Mason account, please contact Administrative Services, ext. 4998. Your online W.B. Mason account allows you to charge your order to any budget line approved for your use. Reference the appropriate budget account when placing your order. Orders are delivered right to your office on Tuesday or Thursday. The sales representative from W.B. Mason visits campus as needed.

Copy Paper/Stationery/Envelopes
All copy paper should be ordered directly through W.B. Mason. In keeping with our sustainability initiative, we ask that campus offices only purchase 100% recycled content copy paper. Please see the W.B. Mason website for recommended papers.  Department stationery and envelopes should be ordered directly from the Print Shop. Please contact the Print Shop at x4626 for additional information.    

Personal Purchases
Members of the Hamilton Community may make personal purchases from W.B. Mason and receive the benefit of the College's discount. The appropriate sales tax will be applied. Please contact the Assistant Director, Auxiliary Services, ext 4998, for ordering information.

Computer Repairs
To arrange for repair of computer equipment, contact CCNY Tech on campus ext. 4171.

Typewriter/Fax Machine Service
Typewriters and fax machines are not covered under any maintenance agreement. Repairs are made on a time/materials basis. Please contact MacCopy if you have a fax machine that needs repair at 315-3614342.  Mohawk Typewriter and Office Equipment, Inc., will service typewriters but they do not pick-up or deliver.  The typewriter must be brought to their Champlin Avenue, Utica, facility.  Supplies for typewriters and faxes can be purchased through W.B. Mason.  

Copier Supplies
All copier leases include supplies (except staples).  Supplies should be requested from MacCopy, 315361-4342. Please plan ahead and have at least one ink/toner cartridge on hand at all times. 

Need something repaired? Furniture moved? The Facilities Management Office has an online work order system.

As an alternative if you do not have access to email, call ext. 4235. Describe your work request in as much detail as possible. Include the building, room number(s), your phone number, and the type of work that is needed and identify you as the contact person. You must also have an account number available. Departments will not be charged for "regular maintenance" (e.g., repairing a faucet that leaks, replacing a light bulb, etc.) but will be charged for other services such as moving furniture, installing shelves, etc. Work outside regular maintenance will not be completed until a charge number is provided. Contact the Work Control Assistant, ext. 4235, if you are unsure whether you will be charged for a specific request.

The mission of LITS is to empower students, faculty and staff to use information and technologies to engage in intellectual exploration, make informed decisions, and create and share knowledge.

As employees of Hamilton College, the systems and services of LITS are available to you. Your Hill card serves as your library card, letting you check out books and other materials, request materials from other libraries, and access databases from off campus. LITS also offers a wide array of computing, library, networking, and telecommunications resources and services to members of the college community. The Circulation Department is available by telephone, 315-859-4479, or email, askcirc@hamilton.edu. The Help Desk is available by telephone, 315-859-4181, or email, helpdesk@hamilton.edu.

For more information, please refer to our New Employee Guide to LITS.

The College Events and Scheduling Office uses 25Live for event management and space scheduling. Any College employee can request space for basic meetings and events that don’t require any support services using this system. Training is offered for those that will need services (set ups, tech support, food service) for their events.

Contact the Assistant Director of Campus Scheduling, ext. 4402, to set up an appointment for training. Contact the College Events & Scheduling Office collegeevents@hamilton.edu or ext. 4243 with any questions about scheduling an event.

To arrange for catering of campus events, use Parkhurst Dining’s online ordering system.

Should you determine that an outside caterer is preferred; you are responsible for coordination of all details and regulations for off campus caterers as well as take-out and delivery services. Any off site caterer must provide the following in advance of services: a copy of the Oneida County Board of Health license and proof of liability insurance coverage. Access to on campus kitchen facilities is not available to off campus caterers. If any liquor is served by an off campus caterer, a special event liquor license is required and liquor liability coverage must be included in insurance. Copies of these documents should through campus mail or faxed, ext. 4300, to the attention of the Administrative Services.

Any group using restaurant take out or delivery for an event must submit a food waiver form listing any items to be served. For information regarding obtaining a good waiver, support for menu planning and general food safety, contact the Associate Director of Conferences & Summer Programs, ext. 4372.

Hamilton-Owned Accommodations
Arbor Inn
Managed by Hamilton College, The Arbor Inn is located at 3919 Griffin Road in Clinton.

Bristol Center Guest Rooms
Hamilton’s Bristol Center offers College visitors the opportunity to lodge on the campus. 12 guest rooms and hospitality lounge are located on the fourth floor, a private floor that requires key access.

If you prefer to book through a local travel agent, the College has a working relationship with Direct Travel at 800-472-7447.

The College is exempt from federal and state taxes. The tax exemption applies to general purchases and travel support expenses. If you are traveling within New York State on business, it is possible to receive the tax exemption on all travel support expenses including lodging, meals and car rental expenses.

When making any purchase on behalf of the College, please provide the vendor with a copy of the College’s tax-exemption form so that sales tax is not charged. Tax exemption forms are available online or from Administrative Services, ext. 4998.

A wallet-sized tax exemption card is issued with a corporate credit card. A full-sized copy of the tax exemption certificate is available under the forms section of this website. Copies of the exemption certificate or the wallet-size card can also be obtained from the office of Administrative Services by contacting Jennifer Mayer at 315-859-4998.

If an employee fails to obtain the sales tax exemption, the College will not reimburse sale tax paid on purchases over $100. The College has reciprocal tax-exempt status in several other states. Some restrictions apply. For detailed information, please visit the Administrative Services website noted above.

Employees and their families may use athletic facilities of the College without charge, subject to regulations and schedules issued by the Physical Education Department provided such use does not interfere with physical education classes, intramural and intercollegiate sports and other scheduled student athletic activities. These facilities include tennis courts, squash and racquetball courts, swimming pool, ice skating rink, field house and fitness center. Children under 12 years of age who wish to use any of these facilities should be accompanied by an adult, unless they are participating in a college-organized recreation program, such as an instruction group in swimming or basketball. Older children should carry a Facility Access Card to avoid being confused with ineligible users.  


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