This plan provides for contributions by the College (Employer Contributions) and employees (Elective Deferrals).  Employees direct the investment of their accounts. Retirement plan accounts are 100% vested at all times. You are not taxed on the amounts in your pre-tax and College-contributed accounts until they are distributed to you. After-tax (Roth) contributions are taxed at time of contribution and not at withdrawal. (Subject to applicable state and local laws).

Effective March 15, 2013 TIAA became the Plan's sole retirement plan provider. Contributions made prior to March 15, 2013 to Fidelity Investments may remain with Fidelity.

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Contributions by the College

After one year of employment at the College, the College will contribute the equivalent of 10 percent of an eligible employee's earnings to a 403(b) account with TIAA.

Contributions by Employees

All employees may make contributions on a pre-tax or after-tax (Roth) basis to a 403(b) account with TIAA. This benefit is available immediately upon employment. Federal law dictates the maximum amount you are eligible to contribute under these plans (see below), and penalties are imposed for withdrawals prior to age 59 1/2.

Please complete a Salary Reduction Agreement and return the completed form to Human Resources.

Annual Contribution Limit 2022 2023 2024
Amount allowed for all participants




Additional amount allowed for participants age 50 or over




TIAA Individual Counseling Sessions

Representatives from TIAA are on campus on a regular basis to provide individual counseling sessions on current investment strategies, meeting long-term investment goals, asset allocation and general retirement and financial planning issues. Make an appointment online, or contact 800-732-8353.


Schedule an Appointment in Person, or via Zoom/Phone


In Person Appointment Dates



TIAA Virtual Offerings

Visit TIAA’s Virtual Environment for access to live and on-demand webinars. Topic categories include spending, saving, planning, investing, and living.  (Please note that you may use your TIAA account login or complete a simple guest registration and use “tiaacref” as the password to enter the site.)


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