2024 Open enrollment was held from Monday, October 30, 2023 to Friday, November 10, 2023.  Here is an open enrollment meeting video in case you were not able to attend the in person meetings.  *A reminder if you participate in the Flex plan or receive a medical waiver Opt Out payment from the College, you must re-elect these benefits each year.
If you have questions related to open enrollment or need assistance, please contact Samantha Campione extension 4042, scampion@hamilton.edu, or Kim Hatzinger extension 4689, khatzing@hamilton.edu.

Changing Your Benefits

Once made, your choices under the Hamilton College medical, dental, vision, and flexible spending account plans generally must remain in effect for the entire Plan Year (January 1 through December 31). However, under certain circumstances (referred to as “Qualifying Life Events”), you may be able to change your selected benefits during the Plan Year if the change results in a change in eligibility and is requested within 30 days of the event. For a more detailed description of these events please refer to page 4 of the Benefits Guidebook. Please note the same “Qualifying Life Events” also apply to your adult children under age 26.

If you and/or a family member(s) have experienced a change in circumstances that may be categorized as a “qualified event”, please enter that change on the Workday platform here.

Supporting documentation of the change must be submitted in a timely manner (in most cases, within 30 days of the event), or the change will not be allowed until the next open enrollment date.

Enrollments for Children

In compliance with Health Care Reform legislation, medical, dental, and vision coverage for children is available until the end of the month when a child reaches the age of 26. The child does not have to be a full-time student, does not have to be a tax dependent of the employee, can be unmarried or married (spouse or children of that child are not eligible) and does not have to accept an offer of their own employer-based coverage. The same employee contribution structure applies as applies for other dependents. At age 26, an adult child may continue their coverage at 102% of full cost under the terms of COBRA for up to three years (36 months).

Please note changes in eligibility due to age will be processed automatically by the Workday platform.  Employees will receive a dependent removal notification from Workday when their child turns 26, and a reminder on their last day of coverage.


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