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When You Leave Hamilton: Email & Network Account Options

Frequently Asked Questions

Please read through all of the questions below to familiarize yourself with all your options before you take action.

When Will my email account be deleted?

  • Employee email accounts will be deactivated at the end of the day (4:30 p.m.) on the last day of employment.  
  • Student and Faculty accounts will be deactivated approximately three (3) months after you graduate or leave the College.  
  • For information on Retiree accounts please visit the following link: LITS Resources For Retirees

WHAT happens when my account is deleted?

  • When your account is deactivated, it is as if it has been deleted; you can no longer access your mail, no new mail is received, no email is forwarded, and no auto-reply message is delivered. Your old messages are preserved while the account is deactivated. One month later your account will be deleted and messages can no longer be retrieved.
  • You will lose access to Google services tied to your Hamilton email account. Impacted services include Gmail, Contacts, Calendar, Drive, Hangouts, Keep, Blogger, Google+, Google Maps, YouTube, etc.
  • If you used your Hamilton email account to install Office 365 on your personally owned computer,  you will lose access to Office 365 and to files stored in OneDrive.
  • Once your account is physically deleted, you will lose all documents and data from services tied to your Google Account. For example, any documents, sheets or files stored in Google Drive will be deleted. Everyone with whom you may have shared Google files will also lose access to them unless you make them the owner of the file. You can also export your data using Google Takeout.
  • If you used your Hamilton email address when you created accounts on websites like Dropbox, Spotify, or Facebook, you should change your contact email address to a different address. Otherwise, if you forget your password on those sites, the new password will be sent to your non-existent Hamilton account.  

What happens if I miss the deadline to transfer my mail to another account?

Although your account is deactivated on the deadline date,  your messages are not physically removed from Google's server for another month. This allows us to easily restore your account access should you accidentally miss the deadline.  After the one month grace period has passed, your mail is no longer retrievable.

How do I request an extension?

If you have extenuating circumstances that require longer access to your account, a brief extension can be granted.  Please address your request to the helpdesk (  As an alumnus, you should include your reason for requesting the extension and the length of time it is desired.

HOW DO I Export or transfer my Account's Contents?

There are three different methods available to you for preserving the content of the various parts of your Hamilton Gmail account (email, calendar, Google Drive files, and contacts).  The method you chose will depend on how much you want to preserve, how much time you have, and whether you are moving your content to another Gmail account.  Support for all three options is available by contacting the LITS Help Desk. Hours and contact details are listed above the Frequently Asked Questions heading.
  1. You can download all the data tied to your Hamilton Google Account using Google Takeout.
  • Google will create a large, compressed (archive) file containing as much or as little of your Hamilton account content as you like.  It's your choice.  From there you can upload the content into another account. In addition to the instructions found at the Google Takeout link above, you might also find this YouTube video helpful.  Google Takeout will email you when the compressed (archive) file is finished.
  1. If you have another Gmail account, you can transfer your email and Google Drive files directly to it, avoiding the download and upload steps required in Google Takeout.  NOTE: Transfer can often take a very long time depending on how much email and Google Drive content you're handling.  Plan accordingly.  This can take several days to a week to complete.
  • Google Transfer is a second option within Google Takeout that allows you to transfer only your email and Google Drive files.  Any other data, such as your calendar and contacts, must be exported manually or archived through Google Takeout. You can also check on the status of your transfer.  
  1. If you wish to transfer only your email to a non-Gmail account, you can do so using Thunderbird, which is a free email program that you install on your computer.  Instructions are available.  
  • Thunderbird acts as a go-between allowing you to configure both accounts in the same program so that you can manually drag and drop mail from your Hamilton account into the other account. You can move large numbers of messages at the same time.  Once you've moved everything in the other account, you can remove Thunderbird from your computer.  

How do I forward my Hamilton email to another account?

Once you have transferred your mail to your non-Hamilton account, it is wise to start forwarding incoming Hamilton mail to your other account at the same time. Remember though, that once your account deactivation date has arrived, your forwarding will stop. When forwarding is turned on it only forwards mail received from that point forward.  To transfer mail previously received, please see the section above.  

If you are a student who has already graduated, you can include an address in the text of your auto-reply (see next section) as the address correspondents should use once your account is gone.  It isn't a real email account but it will forward mail to another email account you own (e.g. or   To do this:

- Log in to My Hamilton (
- Click on the tab labeled "Connect" along the top.  
- Click on Resources in the top menu.
- Click on For Alumni.
- Click on Email Forwarding.
- Add the real email address to which you want mail forwarded when someone writes to 
- Save your changes (blue button at the bottom of your profile).

In addition, you might want to spend time getting acquainted with the other alumni resources on the Connect page.

How do I set up an auto-reply that will send correspondents my new address?

To create an auto-reply message that will send correspondents your new email address, please refer to Google's help page.Graduates can list an address that will forward mail to any account you designate (see the section above).

NOTE:  Your auto-reply will end when your email account is deactivated!  The sooner you set this up, the better.  

What happens to the files I stored on the  Hamilton Server (ESS/SSS)?

If you have personal files stored on either the Employee server (ESS) or the Student Server (SSS), they will remain available to you via the "Files" tab in My Hamilton until your account is deactivated (faculty and staff) or until late August (graduates).   Although the files you have stored on our servers are backed up, the backups are only retained for a few months. Therefore, the sooner you move your files off the server the better.  If you need assistance moving your files, please contact the LITS Help Desk at 315-859-4181.


If you have questions regarding your Hamilton email account or your network files, please feel free to contact the LITS Help Desk at or call 315-859-4181.

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Last updated: September 27, 2021


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