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Vision, Mission and Goals


The vision for LITS is of a high-performing organization, closely aligned with institutional goals, whose members are active participants in the life of the college as well as regional and national organizations. Innovation, partnership, and leadership are important components of LITS activities in supporting our institutional mission.


The mission of LITS is to empower all members of the Hamilton Community to use information and technologies to engage in intellectual exploration, make informed decisions, and create and share knowledge.

Members of LITS help build connections between the Hamilton Community (faculty, staff, students, prospective students, parents, alumni, etc.) and the information and technology resources they need to succeed in their lives.

  • We partner with members of our community to understand their needs, share ideas, solve problems, discover and evaluate options, explore directions, experiment with and implement new approaches, and plan for the future.
  • We provide comprehensive, convenient, and accurate services, delivered in a timely, responsive, and courteous manner.
  • We acquire, license, organize, make accessible, and maintain the information, hardware, software, systems, collections, and spaces that our community uses, and provide secure access to these resources.


  • Align LITS to support institutional academic initiatives.
  • Develop policies, procedures and programs to protect the sensitive information created and collected by Hamilton College.
  • Develop a comprehensive program to help students, faculty and staff develop the abilities to find, evaluate, interpret, manage, and use information to create and share knowledge.
  • Develop a plan to support changing forms of digital scholarship, including sustaining the DHi and implementing an institutional repository.
  • Provide convenient access to information resources in all formats, including print and electronic, implementing document management in administrative offices and discovery software for locating scholarly information.
  • Develop a vision and plan for future of the Burke Library as the interdisciplinary crossroads of the campus, effectively utilizing space, appropriately housing the College Archives and providing high-quality services.
  • Create a high performing organization that motivates and retains our best employees and promotes accountability and excellence in all we do.
  • Support planning and implementation for ongoing infrastructure projects including the Wellin Museum, Kennedy Center, telephone and wireless services and the renovation of Minor Theater into a residence hall.
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