The Audiovisual Services Team of the Library & Information Technology Services department provides quality service and support to the Hamilton College Community for their teaching and multimedia presentation needs.

Classroom Changes

Support Services

We provide sound reinforcement and data projection support for presentations and events.

To request Audiovisual support for your event, use the 25Live.

On the Requirements screen of the Event Wizard, please click the box next to #4 (If you require AV or LITS support please describe your needs), then write the details of your needs in the Comments box. If the Events Calendar is not appropriate for your situation (e.g., support in your regularly scheduled class), or to request equipment loans, please contact the AVS Coordinator at 315-859-4120 or atushing@hamilton.edu

Support should be requested by Wednesday of the week prior to the date they are needed. (For example, if support is needed on a Saturday (Jul 14), the request should be made by Wednesday (Jul 4) of the prior week not the Wednesday (Jul 11) just before the event date). This will insure equipment and staff availability. We will try our best to accommodate last minute requests but we can not guarantee their approval.

For more information about Audiovisual Classroom or Event Support Services, please contact the AVS Office, 315-859-4120.

We have 4 video conference carts on campus in various locations: Burke Library, Taylor Science Center, Kirner-Johnson (KJ), and Spencer House. These carts can be moved to any location in the building they reside in, and an AV student or staff member will assist you with setting up the cart and starting your video conference. Please make sure to submit your support request at least 1 week in advance. The carts are reserved on a first come first serve basis.

AVS provides both support and training for Zoom, the college's recommended video conferencing software. We can help with getting a meeting started anywhere on campus as long as the request is submitted at least 1 week in advance. Training sessions are being offered a few times throughout the academic year and are also available upon request. To schedule a Zoom training session please contact Abbi Tushingham directly.

We offer video recording for academic presentations and general campus events. All requests should be submitted at least 1 week in advance to guarantee support on that specific date. We offer live streaming for certain events as well! Please contact us for more information.

The following types of equipment are available for Faculty, Staff & Students to borrow with advance notice

Audio Equipment   
  • Digital Audio Recorder (students may also borrow these from Camera Loan if applicable to their needs)
Projection Equipment   
  • Data Projector
  • Portable Projection Screen 
Miscellaneous Equipment
  • Easel with paper pad, (requestor is responsible for providing markers)  
  • Slide advancing remote control w/ laser pointer
  • Various cables and adapters*

*Please note that if you require a specific cable or adapter for longer than 2 weeks, your department should purchase one for your use. AVS will be happy to recommend a source for purchasing the cables. Mac adapters (Thunderbolt to HDMI & Thunderbolt to VGA) are to be checked out at either Camera Loan in the KTSA or at the Research & Design Studio in Burke Library. AVS will no longer loan these out.

AVS provides support to members of the Band Club to both rehearse and perform on campus. We provide back line equipment as well as a student employee to assist the band with their performances. In order to provide support for a concert, requests must be received no less than 1 week in advance. Please contact Abbi Tushingham with any questions.

For maintenance and support, call #600.

AVS provides event support for student organizations that are recognized by the Student Activities office. There are no charges for these services. Students should make their request when submitting their room reservation in 25Live and should attend a Weekly Events meeting to confirm their event requirements.

To show your class a DVD or videotape* from Burke Library you must check out the movie and show it yourself. Email askcirc@hamilton.edu  or call 315-859-4479 for information about the media collection and borrowing items. 

In virtually all classrooms, the AV equipment is operated via a touchscreen control. If you are unfamiliar with the equipment, contact AV Services (x4120) to schedule a system tutorial in your classroom.

Audiovisual Services will provide a projectionist if the media item is a 16mm film. To request a projectionist, email or call (x4120) the Audiovisual Services Coordinator.

*If you are showing a VHS tape, please contact Abbi Tushingham to see if the title can be obtained on DVD.

Production work includes duplications and editing.

AV Staff

Tim Hicks


Abigail (Abbi) Tushingham

Service Administrator & Student Manager, Zoom Administrator

Graham Espe

Senior Multimedia Systems Technician

Forrest Warner

Video Support Specialist

Carl Wohnsen

Multimedia Technician


Abbi Tushingham


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