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New Exhibit on The Columbian Exchange
October 5, 2016

From plants, animals, diseases, and technologies, the European as well as Native American sense of identity was transformed after Christopher Columbus’s discovery of the “New World” in 1492. This interchange of cultural and biological elements between the New and Old Worlds in the Age of Discovery is known as “The Columbian Exchange,” a term coined by historian Alfred W. Crosby in 1972. More ...

Couper Phi Beta Kappa 2016: The Landscape of Scholarly Publishing
September 27, 2016

Mark Edington, director of the Amherst College Press; Oya Y. Rieger, associate university librarian for scholarly resources and preservation services at Cornell University, and Jerry Singerman, senior humanities editor at the University of Pennsylvania Press will participate in a panel discussion titled "The Landscape of Scholarly Publishing," moderated by Lisa Trivedi, professor of history at Hamilton College. The event will take place at noon on October 20, 2016 in the Burke Library All Night Reading Room.  Lunch will be served. More ...

Neslin Joins LITS
September 16, 2016

Aaron Neslin joined LITS as Discovery and Delivery Systems Analyst on September 12th.  In this position he will oversee the integrated library system, support the library’s technical infrastructure and collaborate on digital projects.  More ...

Tillson Completes Conservation Certification
September 16, 2016

Mark Tillson, LITS Special Collections Coordinator, has completed his certificate in conservation at the International Preservation Studies Center in Mount Carroll, Illinois. More ...

DHi Publishes Chapter on Collaboration
September 13, 2016

A chapter written by Lisa McFall, Janet Simons, Greg Lord, Peter MacDonald, Angel David Nieves, and Steve Young was published in the book Technology-Centered Academic Library Partnerships and Collaborations, edited by Brian Doherty and published by IGI Global, 2016. More ...

Screening of "Joe Williams: A Portrait in Song"
September 7, 2016

The Fillius Jazz Archive presents a film, Joe Williams: A Portrait in Song, on Wednesday, Sept. 7, at 7:30 p.m., in Wellin Hall. The concert documentary was filmed in Wellin Hall on September 7, 1996. This 20th anniversary screening is free and open to the public. More ...

PBS's History Detectives Leads to College Gift
August 24, 2016

“I’m hoping that I can give this document to an organization that will take good care of it and allow other people to study and appreciate it.” These words, spoken by Jean Waite on an episode of PBS’s History Detective in 2012, prompted Hamilton’s Director of Special Collections Christian Goodwillie to place a call that, three years later, led to a donation to the college’s Communal Societies collection.  More ...

Greg Lord is new DHi Lead Designer & Software Engineer
June 23, 2016

We are pleased to announce that Greg Lord has been appointed to the position of DHi Lead Designer & Software Engineer, effective July 1. Since 2010, Greg's work in Hamilton's Digital Humanities Initiative (DHi) has been funded by a grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.  Greg will continue to support the mission of DHi through his work in the design and development of interfaces for digital scholarship and his innovative approaches to virtual reality and game development.   More ...

Gisella Stalloch is New Metadata and Cataloging Librarian
June 20, 2016

We are pleased to announce that Gisella Stalloch has been appointed to the position of Metadata & Cataloging Librarian, effective July 1. Gisella has been our part-time Metadata and Cataloging Assistant since 2012, supported by the DHi grant from the Andrew Mellon Foundation. In the last three years she has been a member of the LITS activity committee, helping to bring our organization together socially. More ...

What Alexander Hamilton Read and Wrote
June 17, 2016

Lin-Manuel Miranda's musical, Hamilton, has taken the world by storm winning eleven Tony Awards just last weekend.  We'd like to expand your knowledge of Mr. Hamilton with links to what he was reading and writing, and how that shaped his views on politics, society, and the world. More ...

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