A “sponsored account” refers to a Hamilton College account that is created and managed by another Hamilton College employee, known as the “sponsor.” It is a concept used to structure and manage other accounts within Hamilton College that fall outside of the standard account affiliations, often for security, billing, and other organizational purposes. Sponsored accounts can implement better isolation and access control for different parts of Hamilton’s infrastructure and services.

The sponsor is responsible for the creation and management of any sponsored accounts they have requested. The sponsor has privileges over sponsored accounts assigned to their Hamilton College identity, allowing centralized management and oversight. 

Sponsored Accounts have a maximum lifecycle of one year. Sponsored Accounts can be renewed annually by the Sponsor.

Sponsors are responsible for:

  • Requesting creation of sponsored account (must have required information when completing Rapid Identity Request workflow).
  • Approving renewals of any sponsored accounts assigned to them
  • Disabling any sponsored accounts that are no longer needed
  • Not sharing any passwords for any sponsored accounts

The following are types of Hamilton College Sponsored Accounts:

  • Hamilton - Named: accounts that will be assigned to a Hamilton College individual (ex: part-time instructor that is not a Hamilton College employee).
  • Hamilton - UnNamed: accounts for use by a Hamilton College department or person for a College need (ex: admissions@hamilton.edu, invoice@hamilton.edu, other student worker accounts).
  • Hamilton - Student Org: Student Organization accounts that are approved by Student Activities. These accounts will be sponsored by Student Activities, and will have a Student Org President assigned. The Student Org President is responsible for updating the Student Org President in Presence. The Student Org President is not allowed to share the Student Org password.
  • Non-Hamilton - Named: Accounts that will be assigned to Non-Hamilton College individuals (ex: third party vendor account).
  • Non-Hamilton - UnNamed: Accounts that will be assigned to Non-Hamilton College partners and contractors but are not assigned to an individual person (ex: pankhurst, siemens). 

Sponsored Accounts can be requested from Rapid Identity: https://identity.hamilton.edu/ui/requests

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