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HillConnect Additional Services

Powered by Google, HillConnect provides key services that we all use including email, contacts, calendar, Google Drive and Hangouts.

Core Services

As a member of the Hamilton College community, you automatically have access to these core services:

  • Gmail
  • Contacts
  • Calendar
  • Drive
  • Hangouts
  • Keep

These services are provided to us under a special agreement between Google and Hamilton, which includes important privacy safeguards, data security features and an uptime guarantee. The agreement also stipulates that data stored by these services is owned by Hamilton College, excluding it from being indexed by search engines or used for advertising purposes.

Additional Services

A curated group of additional Google services are available on an "opt in" basis.  These services currently include:

  • Blogger (web publishing platform)
  • Google+ (social media platform)
  • Google Maps [including My Maps] (create and share annotated maps)
  • Picasa Web Albums (photo storage and sharing)
  • YouTube (video uploading and sharing)

Unlike the core services, the data stored by these additional services is owned by Google, not Hamilton College, and is subject to indexing for search and advertising purposes.  Some data may also be visible to the public, such as a Google+ profile.  The agreements for these services are between you, the end user, and Google directly and are subject to change at any time. You may also not be able to export data from these services upon leaving the college.

Support for the additional services is available directly from Google.

Faculty who intend on using any of the addition services in an academic situation are encouraged to contact the Research & Instructional Design team beforehand.

Opt In

To access the group of additional services, you must opt in, with full knowledge of the differences. At this point, you can only opt in to (or out of) the entire group of currently available additional services, and not select from them individually.

Other Services

Other services are provided by Google, but are not currently available within HillConnect. These other services will be periodically reviewed and may be available in the future.


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Last updated: March 23, 2018

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