Last updated: March 28, 2018

Google's Privacy Policies for HillConnect Additional Services

Everyone knows the most cliché tech axiom: Terms-of-service statements are difficult to read (thirty pages long) and therefore read by nobody.

Fortunately, Google has streamlined their privacy policies to make them more readable: one page and at most a few handful of paragraphs for each topic. Before you opt-in for additional HillConnect services -- which are NOT covered by Hamilton's custom ad-free privacy agreement with Google -- please carefully peruse the following resources:

General Privacy Policy and Content and Conduct Guidelines

LITS strongly encourages you to read at least these two pages, which cover Google's general privacy policies for the opt-in services that Hamilton currently offers:

These will also give you a sense of how your privacy and your content are handled on the Internet. Virtually any internet service you use has their own, different policies, which should be available to you as well.

Service-Specific Privacy Policies

Some Google services, e.g. Google+, have, by dint of their features, policy addendums that you also agree to abide by after opting in.  These are good to review if you'd like more information about how these services will store and use your data:

  • Blogger (web publishing platform)
  • Google+ (social media platform)
  • Maps (create and share annotated maps)
  • Picasa Web Albums (photo storage and sharing)
    • This is a Google+ service and is covered by the same policy, but here is more information about visibility and sharing.
  • YouTube (video uploading and sharing)

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