Supervisor Guidelines

As we work closely with students and hiring supervisors to create an effective recruiting process we would greatly appreciate your attention to the following procedures.

Step 1:  Submit a Job Posting/Description

  • Send a job posting/description to employme@hamilton.edu (please insert description into email body instead of an attachment, if possible)
  • The job posting/description should include: name of department and contact information, job title, brief description of responsibilities and qualifications
  • The job posting/description may also identify: desired class year level, expected hours of work per week, and compensation details

Step 2:  Posting the Position

  • Once a position is received by the Student Employment office, a representative will post the position with a 2 week deadline on Handshake.
  • Should a different deadline be necessary, the hiring supervisor should communicate this to a Student Employment Representative.
  • If a different arrangement is decided it will be important to know if you plan to hire students on a first come, first serve basis.  This will be critical information that will be communicated to students in the job posting so they have a clearer understanding of the importance of submitting their application in a timely manner.

Step 3:  Receiving Applications

  • The day following the deadline for a job posting, the Student Employment office will send the hiring supervisor all of the applications and a list of the students identified as eligible for work study.
  • If a different requirement is necessary for receiving applications, please consult with a Student Employment Representative. 

Step 4:  Hiring Students

  • When making a hiring decision and faced with two students who are equally qualified, preference should be given to the work-study eligible student.
  • Once an offer has been made to a student(s) supervisors should notify the other students in the applicant pool that the search has concluded.

Step 5:  Completing Required Paperwork

  • Students are not allowed to begin working until all required employment paperwork has been completed.

Students that have previously worked on campus

  • An Employment Authorization and NYS Wage form needs to be submitted to Human Resources before the student begins work.  Students that wish to make changes to their tax forms and/or direct deposit should see Human Resources.

Students that have never worked on campus

  • An offer of employment must be accepted by the student
  • Once an offer of employment is accepted, supervisors must send the student to Human Resources with a completed Employment Authorization Form and New York State Wage Form.
  • Students must complete all employment paperwork (NYS Wage Notice, I-9, Tax Forms, etc.) with Human Resources before they begin working
  • Supervisors can view the approved student here.  Please note, due to federal I-9 regulations, students cannot begin work prior to proper completion of the I-9 form.

Important Information

  • For the 2019-20 academic year for all student positions begin on 8/26/2019. 
  • In order for the student to be paid, a separate Employment Authorization form must be completed for each job the student has.  The employment authorization form is effective for the academic year (August to May).
  • A primary and alternate supervisor must be designated for Web Time Entry approval on the Employment Authorization.  The supervisor listed on the form will receive an email notification when the student’s electronic time sheet is complete and ready for online approval.
  • Login to WebAdvisor on the student’s first day of work to make sure you can both see a time sheet for the student’s position for the current pay period.  Please note, you will not see the position until the date of hire.
  • Student electronic time sheets must be submitted to their supervisor no later than the close of business on Monday following the bi-weekly pay period.  Supervisor approval is due by the close of business on Tuesday.
  • Student Wage Guidelines have been established to reflect the skills required for specific positions, with flexibility to reward those with experience or special skills.  Questions about the placement of positions or appropriate hourly rates should be reviewed with Human Resources.  All students must be paid an hourly wage rate.
  • Changes to pay rates for students must be submitted by completing  a new employment authorization form indicating the new pay rate.  Please note, we will not retro the pay rate it will be effective the next pay period from when it was received.

Contact Information

Student Employment Office

Be on the look out for emails regarding Office Hours.  If you have any questions please email us!
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