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Rental Cars

Rental Car/Insurance 

Employees that are renting vehicles within the United States do not need to purchase the additional insurance offered by the rental company.  The College’s vehicle/liability insurance extends to rental vehicles.  For the insurance to apply, the vehicle must be rented using a College purchase order, a direct-bill corporate account, or a corporate credit card.  If the vehicle is rented using a College corporate credit card, the credit card program also provides insurance on rental vehicles (passenger cars only, vans excluded).  Contact Amber Denny, Auxiliary Services Administrator 315-859-4974.
Vehicles rented by students or employment candidates for personal use are not covered under the College’s “hired auto” insurance.  Collision and liability insurance should be purchased from the rental company.  Also, please note rental car companies will not rent 12 Passenger vans to anyone under the age of 25.  Under 25 is limited to mini-vans only.

For vehicle rentals outside the United States, collision and liability insurance should be purchased from the rental company.  The College’s vehicle insurance does not provide coverage for international rentals.

Accident Reporting

If an employee is involved in an accident while driving a College rental vehicle, s/he should follow all the accident reporting procedures required by New York State.  If another vehicle is involved, contact the local police department and request that they complete an accident report.  If you have a camera or cell phone with you, take photos of the damage to both vehicles.  Obtain full information on the other driver - name, address, phone number, vehicle make/model/year, license plate #, and the insurance company.  Provide the same information to the other driver but refer them to the Administrative Services Administrator, 315-859-4974, for any questions regarding the College’s insurance.  Notify the rental car company and the Administrator, at Administrative Services immediately.  Obtain a copy of the rental car company's accident report and forward a copy of it to the Administrative Services Administrator.

If the accident is minor, i.e., a rental car scraped on the way out of a parking lot, it is not necessary to contact the local police department.  Document the damage (date, time, location, circumstances), take photos of the damage and report the incident to the Administrator, Auxiliary Services, 315-859-4974.  Also, report the incident to the rental car company and obtain a copy of their accident report form.  Forward a copy of that document to the Administrator, Administrative Services, along with a copy of your rental car agreement.

Rental Companies


The College has a corporate account with Enterprise.  They are conveniently located on Oriskany Blvd., Yorkville.  They also offer a pick-up service.

Rates include unlimited mileage in New York state.

If you are renting locally, you can elect to have the charges direct billed to Hamilton. Outside the area, you will need to provide a credit card. Please call our office at 315-859-4998 or 315-859-4974 for the corporate number for direct bill purposes.  

To make reservations locally, contact Enterprise at 315-736-0002. Outside the central New York area, please call 1-800-261-7331 or visit their website.

The following companies also offer discounted rates to Hamilton College.  For additional information on corporate account numbers or direct billing for these companies, please contact the office of Administrative Services at 315-859-4998.


Reservations can be made by calling the 5174 Commercial Drive East office at 315-736-5201, call their toll-free number 1-800-654-8216, or visit 1710946

Reference CDP#1710946 to obtain our Business Account Rates.  If you are renting a car at the Yorkville office, use the same CDP number but ask the agent to compare the local edition rate and the business rate.  The local office sometimes can offer additional discounts.  Hertz charges an additional fee for drivers under the age of 25.  This fee is waived if you are a Hertz Gold Plus Rewards Program member (no cost to join). 



Our AWD number is L175787.  Please reference this number to obtain the Hamilton College Avis rates.  A personal or corporate credit card must be provided to reserve the rental.  If you are arranging an AVIS car rental for a campus visitor, contact 315-859-4998 for other billing options.

Budget Rent-A-Car

Call 1-800-527-0700.  Our Budget Corporate Discount number is S165335.  If you have registered for their Fast Break program, the number to call for reservations is 1-800-283-4384.

You can sign up for a Fast Break profile at https://www.budget.com/budgetWeb/profile/fastbreak.ex to avoid the long lines at the major airport locations and to take advantage of their rapid return with Budget’s new e-Receipt program.



Contract ID #5452609.


Van Rentals

Priceless Rent-A-Car

315-736-8225 (fax)

Priceless Rent-A-Car has 12-passenger vans available for rent to the College.  Reservations and purchase orders are required.  Only College employees or College-certified van drivers that are 25 or are eligible to drive rental vans.  Rentals include 150 free miles.

They are located on Commercial Drive across the street from Symeon’s restaurant.

Contact Information

Administrative Services

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