Purchases for the College can be made in a number of ways. 

Small Dollar Purchases

Faculty and administrators may use their corporate credit cards or cash to make small dollar purchases up to $1,500. Please request the sales tax exemption if purchasing in the state of New York. For additional information regarding the corporate credit card program, please refer to Corporate Credit Card.

Large Dollar Purchases

Large dollar purchases should be made using a College purchase order. Complete the purchase requisition form and have it signed by the department head or other authorized individual. The requisition and relevant supporting documentation is submitted to the Purchasing department. Please ensure there are sufficient budgeted monies for the purchase prior to submitting a purchase requisition and e-mail your requisitions to Hamilton Purchasing purchase@hamilton.edu or send them through campus mail to Auxiliary Services. 

For additional information on purchasing procedures, please review the Employee Reference Guide (available under Handbooks on the Human Resources page).

Purchases of Information Systems/Services

Please review the LITS policy/checklist before negotiating the purchase of any information system or service.

Office Supplies/Copy Paper

The College has an exclusive office supply contract with W.B. Mason. All office supply orders must be placed with W.B. Mason. Use of other vendors is prohibited. Orders can be placed online. If you need to establish an online account, please contact purchase@hamilton.edu or 315-859-4974. 

Campus offices should purchase paper for general copier/printer usage from W.B. Mason.  In keeping with the College’s sustainability initiatives, the copy paper of choice for the campus is: Boise Aspen 100% Recycled Office Paper, 8 1/2 × 11, 5,000 sheets/carton, Item #CAS054922.  W.B. Mason also offers Boise Aspen 50% Recycled office paper. If you need a “whiter” paper for selected printing projects, this is the recommended option.

Personal Purchases

W. B. Mason offers the College discount to all College employees. Please contact purchase@hamilton.edu for instructions. 

Office Machine Repairs/Supplies

For typewriter and fax machine repairs, contact Mac Copy at 315-361-4342. Supplies for typewriters and fax machines can be ordered through W.B. Mason.

All leased copiers are covered under maintenance agreements with Mac Copy, 315-361-4342. All copier leases include supplies (except paper and staples) at no extra cost. Please contact the copier company to maintain an adequate supply of toner for your machine or to request servicing of the equipment.


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