Certificates of Insurance

A Certificate of Insurance can be provided by our insurance company for Hamilton College activities, events, rentals, etc.  Please allow 24 hours for production of the certificate.  Certificates requested on a Friday will not be available until the following Monday. 


Please provide the following information when requesting a certificate:

  • Type of Use (space rental, equipment rental, use permit)
  • Date of Usage
  • Hamilton College group participating or contracting usage (students, employees, alumni, College department/division)
  • Name/address/fax # of outside organization to receive the certificate
  • Any specific requests regarding certificate of insurance, i.e., additional insured endorsement needed
  • Copy of contract/use agreement, etc., that outlines certificate requirements

Forward this information to Amber Denny at adenny@hamilton.edu or Irene Cornish at icornish@hamilton.edu or fax to 315-859-4300.

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