Student Insurance

Student Accident and Health Insurance

All students are insured under the College’s student accident/injury policy.  This coverage is excess and is secondary to any other collectible insurance covering the student. The policy only covers accidents or injuries on campus property.

Intercollegiate Sports Accident

In the event of an intercollegiate sports accident, the insurance is secondary to any other insurance carried by the student. However, the insurance will cover any deductible or charges excluded by the primary insurance.

All general student accident claims must be submitted to the student’s insurance carrier first. The balance can be submitted to the College’s carrier. Students are responsible for filing their own insurance claims. The College does not handle direct billing.

More detailed information on both these insurance coverages can be obtained through the Office of Auxiliary Services, 315-859-4999.  Accident claim forms can be obtained at the Health Center or from the Athletic Trainer.

Basic Sickness and Supplemental Accident and Sickness Insurance Plan (offered on a “waiver” basis)

Insurance Coverage for Personal Property

The College is not responsible for personal property lost, stolen or damaged.  It is advisable for students to protect their personal belongings with insurance through a homeowner’s or renter’s insurance policy.  If you need additional information, please contact icornish@hamilton.edu.

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