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Employee Phone Services

Your Hamilton phone number is 315-859-[your four digit ext.]. If you need a telephone setup please contact Telephone Services at x4160 or e-mail telephone@hamilton.edu.

Student Phone Services

Every residence hall room has the capability of having a telephone line on the College telephone system. However, students that have cellular phones typically use their cell phones for all their telephone needs.
If you feel you would need a college phone line in your room please email telephone@hamilton.edu with your name, residence and room number. Also indicate if you would like to have a voice mailbox on the College messaging system or if you intend to use your own answering machine.

  • You must provide your own analog telephone
  • From the phone line in your room, on-campus dialing and local dialing are free
  • Regional, long distance and international calls require a pre-paid phone card or a calling card with a toll free (800/888) access number. The College Bookstore sells phone cards. Of course, you can also purchase phone cards from other area stores and on many websites.

LITS does not provide any support for Internet capable phone services and we do not guarantee they will work on Hamilton's campus network. We do not recommend that students use such services.


You keep the same voice mailbox for your academic career at Hamilton and your voice mailbox moves with you from room to room. If you change rooms during the school year, please notify Telephone Services at x 4160 or email telephone@hamilton.edu to move your voice mailbox to your new phone number. For those planning on staying on campus for the summer and wish to retain their voice mailbox please email telephone@hamilton.edu.

Troubleshooting and Repair

Issues Accessing Your Voice Mailbox:

  • Dial 859-4809 to access the Express Messaging System, press # and then dial your extension. Listen to the message to verify that it is the correct mailbox.
  • Students only - Make sure your phone is set to tone and not pulse (look for a small slide or switch on your phone or base).
  • Students only - If your phone has a stutter dial tone it indicates that you have a voicemail message.

Issues Dialing Off Campus:

  • Don't forget that you need to dial "9" first to get an off-campus dial tone.
  • Students only - If making regional or long distance calls, make sure your pre-paid phone card or calling card is active
  • Students only - Make sure your phone is set to tone and not pulse (look for a small slide or switch on your phone or base)

Static or Noise:

Call x4160 or email: telephone@hamilton.edu

No Dial Tone:

  • Check all connections
  • Make sure you are plugged into the voice jack and not the network jack
  • Students only - Try another phone in the jack to make sure it is not your phone.

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