Your ID is your 4-digit phone extension, ie if your office number is 859-4918, then your ID would be 4918.

Your PIN number is your password to the voicemail system. If you've forgotten your PIN number please contact us to have it reset.

The * key takes you to the Express Messaging system after you listen to all of your messages and will take you to a previous menu when navigating through various prompts in the system.

The voicemail system sends an email to you, but has no way to know if you’ve listened to it. You must listen to it on your phone to have the light turn off even if you've heard the message through your email.

Email telephone@hamilton.edu, and we will disable the voicemail-to-email feature for you.

Firefox does not support the audio file format which HillConnect and Gmail presents the voicemail emails in.  If you’re using Firefox to read your email, you will need to download the message to listen to it.

In the new system, the extended absence greeting is called the alternate greeting. You use the same steps to change the greeting or toggle it on or off as you did on the old system. When you enter your voicemail, press 4 for setup options, then press 3 for greetings, then press 2 to access the alternate greeting.

As a safety feature, the voicemail system saves deleted messages for five days. Within those five days, you can restore a deleted message.

The voicemail system does not have a quota for the number of voice messages, instead, it uses a storage quota based on how much disk space the message(s) consume. Counted in these 60 minutes: new, saved, and deleted messages. Each message is limited to three minutes in length.

  1. Standard Greeting - This is the default greeting and should be used for your “normal” message when you are available but can’t take the call.
  2. Closed Greeting - This is a “system” greeting that would not normally be used by a typical user
  3. Alternate Greeting - This is used if you are out of the office for an extended period of time.  It is what used to be the “extended absence greeting” in the previous voicemail system.
  4. Busy Greeting - This greeting will automatically be played if you are on the phone and someone calls.  You can set a custom message that you are on the phone or keep the pre-recorded system greeting.
  5. Internal Greeting - This is a “system” greeting that would not normally be used by a typical user 
  6. Holiday Greeting - This is a “system” greeting that would not normally be used by a typical user

Last updated: May 28, 2024

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