Last updated: March 30, 2023

ListServ provides an easy way to create and maintain large or specialized email mailing lists. These lists can be used for email-based distribution of information, discussion, questions and answers, etc. Lists are created and “owned” by a user who manages the list’s behavior. List members are subscribed either by the list owner or by following instructions provided by the list owner.

Login to Listserv

All lists created and maintained at Hamilton College are private. Subscriber names and email addresses are only available to the list owner.

As a list member, you are able to manage certain aspects of your subscription. As the list owner, you are able to manage a wide variety of aspects of the list’s behavior. The links below provide you with some basic information about both.

If you have a question about ListServ that requires personal attention, contact the LITS Help Desk at 315-859-4181 or open a ticket by emailing  helpdesk@hamilton.edu.

Listserv policies and a list of the mass email list addresses

Mass Mailing List Guidelines

Request a New ListServ List
List Owner Related Documents
 List User (Subscriber) Related Documents

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