1. Determine which list is the most appropriate audience for your announcement (see link below) and then address your message to the list you have chosen (e.g. events-all@listserv.hamilton.edu).

    A list of mass mail lists, who they reach, and policies for the use of each:  
    Notices | Events

  2. Add a subject line that is informative but brief (e.g. Spanish Club Meeting Tonight).
  3. In the body of your message, type your announcement following the mass mail guidelines.
  4. You are required to sign your message with your complete name (or the full name of your organization), and (if applicable) the department you are representing. It is not sufficient to assume your return address will identify you.
  5. After you send your message you will receive a confirmation e-mail request from the Hamilton College LISTSERV Server.
  6. Carefully review the content of your message in the confirmation request.  It will often be represented both as plain text and as you intended it (with colors and font changes).  This is your chance to catch any errors and omissions.  If any are found, DO NOT approve the confirmation request message.  Simply correct the error in your original message and re-send it to the same list.  When the second confirmation request arrives, you should review it and, if appropriate, approve that version.   To confirm the message, click on the web link that appears toward the top of the confirmation request message.  This will open a web page on which text will appear stating your message was successfully confirmed.

NOTE:  Occasionally the confirmation request message is slightly delayed (10-15 minutes maximum).  If you get impatient and re-send your message  too soon, you may receive two confirmation requests.  Only reply to the first! Otherwise, you will send your message twice and use up your "two message" quota for that event.

To send the same message to multiple lists at once, you may string them together on the "TO:" line of your message. For example: notices-faculty@listserv.hamilton.edu,notices-students@listserv.hamilton.edu. Please do not include a space after the comma. You will receive a separate confirmation request for each list in the "To" line and you must approve each confirmation request separately.  IMPORTANT NOTE: You should take care not to send your message to multiple lists if the lists overlap.  For example, you should not send a message to notices-all and to notices-faculty because members of the faculty are subscribed to both lists.

Last updated: August 21, 2023

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