AOA Duties & Priorities

AOA responsibilities and priorities include:

o    Running the office

o    Greeting visitors to the department

o   Supplies - Inventory and ordering

o   Mail - distribution

o   Offices - assisting with assignments, and office moves; arranging for phone set up, work orders etc.

o   Student workers – supervising and helping to track time worked

o   Providing direct support for Dept Chairs – may include calendar, meetings, schedules, deliverables

o   Being familiar with a variety of office software applications, including word processing, email, file management, Interfolio

o   Operating office equipment such as printers and copiers.

o   Serving as liaison with service and vendor personnel.

o   Reporting issues relating to building maintenance.

Departmental initiatives and projects

o   Employment searches - setting up Interfolio, handling on-campus interview arrangements

o   Senior presentations and projects

o   Course scheduling assistance (with department chair and registrar)

o   May include planning and budgets

o   Scheduling meetings

o   Arranging guest speakers—travel, advertising, room reservations, catering

o   Field trip planning assistance

·       Only after the above priorities are addressed will the AOA have the capacity to assist with individual faculty needs and requests. Such requests may include

o   Work related to faculty committee work and deliverables

o   Reimbursements for work-related travel

o   Purchasing/POs

Academic Office Assistants

Kimberly Carroll

Dance and Movement Studies, Digital Arts, Music

Christine Depasquale

Archaeology, Computer Science, Environmental Studies (SCCT), Geoarchaeology, Geosciences, Jurisprudence, Law & Justice, Neuroscience, Psychology



Taylor Science Center 2005

Shannon Enders

Production Coordinator, Theatre



Kennedy Center Theatre/Arts 221

Meghan Espalin

Africana Studies, American Studies, Classics, Philosophy, Religious Studies, Women’s and Gender Studies

Wanda Fuess

Data Science, Mathematics and Statistics, Off-Campus Studies



Christian A. Johnson 105

Joan Kane

Economics, Government, Public Policy, Washington, D.C., Program



Kirner-Johnson 122

Jennifer Luley

Literature and Creative Writing, Medieval and Renaissance Studies

Stacey Manley

Biology, Biochemistry/Molecular Biology, Chemical Physics, Chemistry, Physics



Taylor Science Center 2005

Jackie Medina

Art History, and ALEX

Karin Murray

Art Department



Kennedy Center for Theatre and the Studio Arts 103

Lisa Sonia

East Asian Languages and Literatures, Critical Languages, French and Francophone Studies, German Studies, GRIA, Hispanic Studies, Italian Studies, Latin American Studies, Linguistics, Middle East and Islamicate World Studies, Russian Studies



Christian A. Johnson 202

Michele Witt

Anthropology (KJ), Asian Studies, Cinema and Media Studies, Educational Studies, Environmental Studies (KJ) History, Sociology



Kirner-Johnson 240

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