While the CHP describes laboratory safety practices at Hamilton in the broad sense, laboratory faculty/supervisors must perform additional hazard assessments specific to the chemical/biological, physical or equipment related hazards they introduce into a lab setting (especially when PPE control methods are to be employed).

Lab Hazard Evaluation & Checklist for PPE Use

To evaluate hazards in teaching or research labs (or misc./other lab activities) where PPE will be utilized, use the Appendix L form below and follow included instructions.  See the completed evaluation for “hazardous waste collection activities” as an example.

Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for Equipment/Physical Hazards

To evaluate the hazards associated with laboratory equipment with physical hazards, use the Appendix B form below.  See the completed evaluation for the “Geo Rock Crusher” as an example.

Particularly Hazardous Substance (PHS) Use Approval Form

To evaluate the hazards for using Particularly Hazardous Substances in a lab, it is mandatory that Appendices G and H be used for Type 1 PHS’s, and recommended for Type 2 PHS’s.  See below, and review Appendix F in the Chemical Hygiene Plan for more information.

Training Documentation Forms

Use the forms below to document training in lab settings, where appropriate.


Brian Hansen

Director of Environmental Protection, Safety and Sustainability

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