The Taylor Science Center at Hamilton College is a 208,000-square foot facility that houses six academic departments and contains approximately 100 laboratories, 70 support rooms and 11 classrooms.

Many occupational or environmental hazards associated with the use of dangerous chemicals, equipment or animals in a laboratory setting, are subject to regulation by the Occupational Health & Safety Administration (OSHA) and/or the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The “Chemical Hygiene Plan” is a formal, written document required by OSHA, and is intended to give the Hamilton College community the necessary guidance with regard to the management of occupational or environmental hazards in a laboratory setting.

Chemical Hygiene Plan

Lab Hazard Assessments & Training

The Chemical Hygiene Plan contains forms and appendices that facilitate the documentation of lab hazard assessments, the specification of control methods (including personal protective equipment) and training.

Chemicals Requiring Additional Control Measures

The use of certain chemicals in a laboratory setting requires the implementation of additional administrative or technical control measures. Further, the procurement or possession of a class of chemicals, biologicals or toxins called “Select Agents” are restricted without specific authorization from the federal government. See the Chemical Hygiene Plan for more detail on chemical types that fit in this category. The following links contain a summation of the relevant information sources that should be consulted:

Radiation Safety 

Hamilton College maintains a general license to possess or procure certain radioactive materials in exempt quantities only.  The possession or procurement of licensable quantities of radioactive materials on campus is not permissible at this time.  The College also maintains a number of X-Ray devices registered through the NYS Department of Health, and other types of radiation-containing analytical equipment.  All current or planned work with radioactive materials, X-rays and radiation-containing analytical equipment is managed through the department of Environmental Protection, Safety & Sustainability, and the specific procedures below.

Science Stockroom

Mary Collis (the Assistant Director of Environmental Protection & Safety) manages the Science Stockroom, and provides numerous EHS and facility liaison services to the Taylor Science Center’s academic departments.  Mary is assisted by Karen Griffith (Science Stockroom Assistant).  Mary and Karen can be reached at 315-859-4914, or by email at mcollis@hamilton.edu or kgriffit@hamilton.edu.


Brian Hansen

Director of Environmental Protection, Safety and Sustainability

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