Keys can be obtained by emailing a request to Mary Collis, who will work with Facilities Management to obtain the desired keys, and notify you when the keys are available for sign-out (generally within 24 hours of request).

Keys requested by faculty for student use (e.g., Psychology observation rooms, etc.) will be obtained from the Facilities Management Locksmith by Mary Collis, then assigned to the supervising faculty member. The supervising faculty member is responsible for dispersing the key(s) to the student(s), and then collecting the keys when they are no longer needed by the student(s).

Prior to leaving the college, and when particular keys are no longer needed, assigned keys shall be returned to Mary Collis so that the associated records can be updated, and the keys returned to the locksmith. Mary can provide key holders with a list of keys assigned to them.

Key codes, for doors with keypads, are assigned by the Facilities Management Locksmith (Eddie Reilly), and are managed by the following departmental designees:

  • Archaeology: Nathan Goodale and Tom Jones
  • Biology: Niki Keith
  • Chemistry: Shawna O’Neil
  • Geoscience: Dave Tewskbury
  • Physics: Adam Lark

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