Classroom Space Scheduling

All classrooms in the Science Center are scheduled through the Registrar and the R-25 system, with the exception of the three departmental seminar rooms in Biology, Physics, and Psychology. Those three rooms are scheduled by a representative in each department. Unscheduled times are to be provided to the Registrar so that other departments on campus can also use these rooms.

Management of Public Spaces

Facilities Management is responsible for the Science Center’s general appearance and the preservation of its aesthetic theme. Along these lines, Facilities Management will make decisions regarding the facility’s public spaces (classrooms, atrium, atriettes, and hallway areas), and any proposals regarding items to be placed into those areas will be at the discretion of Steve Bellona, who will consult with others as necessary.

Wall Postings

Bulletin boards within departmental areas are reserved for postings associated with academic program achievements or opportunities within that discipline. Faculty who need to post additional items on surfaces without bulletin boards should do so only in their departmental tutorials, and should only use scotch or masking tape to minimize damage to walls or glass. All other non-departmental postings associated with event advertisements or general interest items are restricted to the bulletin boards at the entrances to the facility. Postings of this variety must not mention the sale of alcohol, must be removed after they no longer apply (the event/date has passed), and must be respectful of other current and future postings. Custodians have been instructed to remove postings in all other non-approved areas.

Maintenance Areas and the Loading Dock

There are several maintenance areas located throughout the Science Center. As a general rule, maintenance areas are neither to be used nor made accessible to non-Facilities Management employees, for both safety and NYS Fire Code reasons. The loading dock (located at the northeast corner facing Campus Road) is intended to support the on-going delivery and shipment of goods, supplies and other services to the facility. The loading dock’s small receiving area internal to the facility CANNOT be used as a storage area. While it is reasonable to assume that recently received or ready-to-ship materials may need to occupy some loading dock space for “a day or two”, departments must make arrangements through the Stockroom to expedite this process so as not to obstruct the loading dock’s functional design.

Dog Policy

Every dog on campus must be leashed at all times and in the company of its owner, and dogs are not permitted in College buildings. Because of 1—the presence of the Science Center’s vivarium and animal care rooms, and 2—the number of people using the building (some of whom might be fearful of dogs), it is particularly important that dogs and other pets not be permitted to enter the facility. Any dog found in the Science Center should be reported to Campus Safety for corrective action purposes.

Bike Policy

Out of respect for Science Center custodians, and in the spirit of keeping the building safe, the practice of employees bringing their bikes inside the facility is generally discouraged, and students are prohibited from bringing their bikes into the Science Center. Bike racks external to the facility are the preferred locations for employees, and designated locations for students. If an employee does choose to bring his/her bike into the facility, it must be staged in one’s personal office space in a manner that does not obstruct safe access to/egress from the space.

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