Submitting Your Proposal at Hamilton

Proposals seeking external funding for projects must be reviewed and approved by your department chair, Dean of Faculty, and the OFCGR before submission.

Please consider the following steps during the proposal development process

  1. Contact the Office of Foundation, Corporate, and Government Relations as early in the proposal development process as possible. At a minimum, please alert us to any funding sources you may be considering contacting to insure that the College's contacts with external funding sources are a coordinated effort. Alerting the Office to deadlines you must meet well in advance of that date will allow the Office to make the appropriate arrangements in a timely manner and will minimize the possibility of last minute delays.
  2. If you have yet to find a funding source, but have an idea for a proposal, please contact the OFCGR. It would be most helpful for you to have prepared an outline of your idea, any timelines you may have, and an estimate of the amount of funds your project will require.
  3. Begin drafting your proposal as soon as possible. Successful proposals are often critiqued by a number people, so recruit colleagues from within and outside your field to review your work. Ask them to specifically focus on content, clarity, and overall relevance and be sure to provide them with any programmatic guidelines required by the funding source. The OFCGR is also available to review drafts of your proposals.
  4. During this time, be sure to notify the OFCGR of your intent to apply. We will notify the Dean of Faculty's office and the Business Office of your intentions. Specifically, we will need to know what agency you will be applying to, an estimate of the amount of funding you are requesting, the deadline, potential requests for matching funds, possible space and/or renovation issues, plans for employment of students, and other related issues. While these issues and dollar amounts do not have to be finalized, we would like to be aware of any issues that may surface well in advance of your deadline.
  5. Make appointments with the appropriate people to discuss your project. In all cases, proposals must be reviewed and approved by the Chair of your department, Dean of Faculty's office, and by the OFCGR. In certain cases, additional review may be required of the Human Subjects Institutional Review Board, the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee, or the Radiation Safety Committee. The Hamilton College Grant Proposal Endorsement, which must be attached as a cover sheet to all proposals during this review process, requires signatures from the aforementioned College officials. Please plan accordingly to insure that travel schedules or other potential conflicts do not hinder your ability to obtain their approval and signature. The Proposal Endorsement Form is an internal document and is not to be submitted to the funding source with your proposal.
  6. Beginning January 1, 2008, the DOF will require you to adhere to the following schedule for proposal review and endorsement::
    • All proposals must be submitted with a completed Hamilton College Proposal Endorsement Form. The endorsement form must be completed in full and deposited with the OFCGR prior to proposal submission.
    • Requests for college support (cost-sharing, etc.) should be initiated with the DOF at least three weeks in advance of the deadline.
    • Endorsement will only be given when an advanced draft of budget, advanced draft of text, and detailed requests for college support are submitted to DOF and OFCGR a minimum of one week in advance of the deadline for review.
    • Proposals will be submitted only when the final budget, advanced draft, and completed endorsement form are with OFCGR 48 hours before the deadline
  7. We will proofread your proposal, check your budget, review the RFP or programmatic guidelines, and handle other administrative duties as needed.

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