The OP Academic Center for Excellence (ACE), is a space located near the Opportunity Program office, provides students with a comfortable space to study and complete their work individually, or to work collaboratively as a group to study or complete projects, as well as access to coffee, tea, and comfortable seating. This center is open seven days a week during the academic year and is staffed by students in OP.

Academic Support is provided for students through a strategic partnership with the Writing Center, Oral Communication Center, and the Quantitative & Symbolic Reasoning Center. Students in the Opportunity Program have access to both one on one and group-facilitated tutoring. If there is a subject that these centers do not provide support for, our office will work to find someone on campus who can.

Opportunity Program Advising has been developed to support the faculty advising process while also helping to guide students as they transition through the cultural and academic environments at Hamilton. Students will work with their OP advisor on a regular basis to discuss how classes are going, reflect on their academic and co-curricular interests to navigate Hamilton’s open curriculum, explore off-campus and experiential learning opportunities, as well as internship and fellowship opportunities. OP advisors will help students review the major and graduation requirements, establish tutoring arrangements, navigate social and emotional challenges, and work with students to ensure that they are getting the most out of their college experience.

Financial Aid and the Opportunity Program staff work together to ensure that students have their full demonstrated financial need met with reduced student loan amounts, their books and school supplies covered through the bookstore, and have the cost of health insurance, music lessons, and transportation costs reduced or subsidized.

Laptops & Tablets as well as other electronic equipment are available for students to borrow when their equipment is not functioning properly, or to use until they are able to secure their own. 

Personal Support Members of the Opportunity Program staff sit on various committees at Hamilton that allow them to advocate for students in the program. These committees include, but are not limited to, the Student Emergency Aid Society (SEAS), Hamilton Cares Committee (HCC), ALEX Advising Subcommittee, ALEX Learn Subcommittee, Transitions Committee, etc. The Opportunity Program staff works intentionally to partner with key stakeholders around campus to ensure students in the program are made aware of the opportunities and resources that are made available to them at Hamilton.


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Opportunity Program

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Aaron Ray

Director of Opportunity Program

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