Tuition Information

Here is key information regarding tuition for the 2017-18 academic year. If you have questions, call 315-859-4324.

Student charges for 2017-18 will be $66,170, which includes $52,250 for tuition, $7,320 for room, $6,080 for the full board plan and $520 for the student activities fee. Payment for the fall semester is due August 9, 2017, and payment for the spring semester is due January 2, 2018.

Payment Plan

If you are unable to make lump-sum payments for your semester bill, we offer a monthly tuition payment plan administered by Higher One. The payment plan can be used alone or combined with financial aid. If you have any questions, call TuitionPay at 800-635-0120.

Tuition insurance Plan

The Tuition Insurance Plan minimizes the financial loss if an illness or accident requires your son or daughter to withdraw from college before the semester is completed. This elective insurance plan provides coverage for tuition, room and board. The plan enhances the College’s refund policy. Please return the application form and premium payment before August 24, 2017. Applications cannot be accepted after classes begin. If you have any questions, call 617-774-1555.

Please note that neither Hamilton nor any of its employees receive benefits from the companies that administer these programs. These options are provided solely as a service to our families. 

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