Q: Is it possible to put a link in a pop-up window?
A: Yes, but it would need to be done with the Custom Code Module.

Q: Can MPEG and AVI file types be supported for movie formats?
A: SiteManager will automatically convert the MPEG and AVI formats to Flash for playback. So, yes, those can be uploaded.

Q: What is the projected lifespan of SiteManager?
A: SiteManager has been used since 2001. The tool became available for use by students and faculty in 2010. Enhancements can be requested by completing a feature request form.

Q: Does this tool support different languages?
A: At this time, the tool does not fully support other languages. It may be possible to get other characters in by copy/pasting.

Q: Will there eventually be a development Site?  Will these pages be found if someone does a search?
A: There won't be a development server for students/academic/personal pages. Unlinked pages will NOT appear in any searches.

Q: Is it possible to upload photos in batches?
A: Yes, this feature was added in 2014. 

Q: Is it possible to upload and link to a zipped file format?  If so, is there a limit to the file size?
A: Yes. There is no file size limit, but extremely large files may crash the browser.

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