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Hamilton College’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion team and the Days-Massolo Center has compiled a varied list of resources that we hope will support student and family transitions in this time.

In addition, the Days-Massolo Center and Sunrise Movement have worked together to provide a mutual aid sign-up. This is similar to the Ride Share resource, but specific to sharing what needs and resources students may have amidst Covid-19. By signing up students are disclosing their need or their resources to help meet the needs of those in our geographic communities. This sign-up will be peer-to-peer led. Please visit Covid-19 Mutual Sign-Up page. 


Hamilton Together

Please email, if you'd like to add anything to this list.


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Days-Massolo Center

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Paola Lopez

Director of the Days-Massolo Center

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Days-Massolo Center

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