The College has ample resources for LGBTQ students who have come out or are thinking about coming out.  The LGBTQIA+ Identity Support Specialist (ISS) is a queer and trans professional staff members that all students can utilize as an individual resource.

In addition, the LGBTQIA+ ISS also facilitates weekly support groups for trans and LGBQIA+ students. Students can also attend the Gender and Sexuality Student Union meetings for fun and community. The Counseling Center is also a great resource for students who would benefit from having confidential support.

Spectrum Alumni Network

Spectrum is a group for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBTQ+) and straight ally alumni of Hamilton College.

Resource list for LGBTQIA+ Students

The mission of CNY Pride is to serve the Central New York LGBTQIA+ community and their allies. Our annual Pride Parade and Festival, along with similar events throughout the year, provides a forum to celebrate and affirm individual sexual and gender identity, to commemorate our community's rich history and diversity, and to renew our dedication to ending intolerance and achieving equal rights. Learn more.

The Mission of the Cortland LGBTQ Center is to create a visible and empowered community through education, advocacy, resource enhancement, and linkages to essential services for all lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer-identified people, as well as their families and other supportive community members. Learn more.

Dr. Dayal Raja MD, Slocum Dickson 1729 Burrstone Rd New Hartford, NY 13413 telephone: 315-798-1400

Since 1993 FACES has been providing HIV awareness and quality prevention services focusing primarily on communities of color. FACES is a confidential service providing education and distribution supplies for people of all ages, cultures, and sexual orientations. The program provides access to HIV testing and follow up support services. FACES is a New York State Department of Health AIDS Institute-funded program.

None of our guests are charged in any way for the services we provide. We are solely dependent on the financial support we receive from individuals in the community. We hold fundraising events, including community dinners. (Call for information.) We also have a core group of individuals who have committed to monthly support. This support is absolutely crucial to our ability to continue the work we have undertaken with our guests. We are a tax-exempt organization and your donation is deductible as charitable giving. We have no formal affiliation with any other HIV/AIDS service organizations or with the Catholic Church and the Diocese of Syracuse. (There is no formal affiliation of Catholic Worker houses!) As gay men who remain self-identified as Catholic, we seek to stand in prophetic witness to the intrinsic goodness of human sexuality, including gay sexuality. We maintain the Catholic Worker model of opening our home as a means of opening all our lives to the presence of the Human One; the One who is god-among-us. We ask for your public communication of support for people with HIV/AIDS, a commitment to a cure, and, until that day, the continuation of loving, quality care. Learn more.

Hamilton College started publishing an annual Out and Ally List in 2011. The list has grown to over 1,000 signatures in the 9 years of its existence. We are proud to have one of the largest out and ally lists in the entire country. 

Planned Parenthood is one of the nation’s leading providers of high-quality, affordable health care, and the nation’s largest provider of sex education. With or without insurance, you can always come to us for your health care. Learn more.

The Q Center Mohawk Valley is a safe place for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning youth, their families and allies to gather. Q Center programming seeks to promote equality, celebrate diversity, and create a safer, more accepting and inclusive community for all. Below is a list of support groups they offer. For more information on the Q center click here.

  • Utica LGBTQ Youth & Allies (ages 13-17): Thursdays, 6:00-8:00 p.m.
  • TransYouth (13-29): Tuesdays, 6:00-8:00 p.m.
  • TransParent Group: 1st & 3rd Tuesdays, 6:00-8:00 p.m.
  • LGBTQ Young Adults (ages 18-29): Thursdays, 6:00-8:00 p.m.

For questions, please email qcentermv@acrhealth.org

Legal resources to assist members of the LGBT community experiencing discrimination and/or harassment with regard to; Free Name and Gender Marker Changes, Employment, Public accommodations including school, business, and hotels, Health, Insurance, Healthcare, Housing, Birth Certificate Amendments, and other services. Learn more.

The student-run groups and programs held in the Days-Massolo Center encourage students to discuss topics regarding race, class, gender, sexuality, spirituality, and more. Many students who come to student group meetings and programs are given the opportunity to step out of their comfort zone. In order to ensure that students can do so without having their information misused and abused, the Days-Massolo Center follows the guidelines of a safe space. A safe space refers to an area that does not tolerate discrimination, harassment or any type of negativity towards those who are seen as “different.” This creates a space that is accepting of everyone, therefore people feel safe. With the safe space, students and faculty can be sure that they are coming to an environment that not only is trustworthy but is also free of judgment and full of understanding.

T-Time provides a space for Hamilton students who identify as transgender, intersex, agender, cross-dressers, and questioning to join together as a community. At T-Time, individuals can find support, discuss transgender issues, and share experiences. Come drink tea and engage in conversation that centers on the transgender experience.

The Transgender Alliance of CNY is a social support organization that meets each month. Meeting times depends on the month. June through September, meetings are the 3rd Saturday of each month. Learn more.

The transgender care group began in the late 1990s in response to the need for care of our transgendered population in the central New York area. While the group no longer formally meets, the health service network has continued to be maintained.

Britton Tarris MSW, United Cerebral Palsy Behavioral Health Service 1020 Mary St Utica NY 13501 telephone: (315) 724-6907

Josie Zanfordino Speech Therapist, josie@sayitproudspeechtherapy.com telephone: 607-227-0143 (appointments are done remotely)

Meghan MCDonough Marriage and Family Therapist, United Cerebral Palsy Behavioral Health Service 1020 Mary St Utica NY 13501 telephone: (315) 724-6907

Dr. Nivea Cavic Therapist, 807 Newell Street Utica 13502 telephone: 315-724-5344

The Sage upstate promotes well-being of older LGBT+ people in Central New York through health programs, social/support groups, and education. Learn more.

Vera House, Inc. prevents, responds to and partners to end domestic and sexual violence and other forms of abuse. Learn more.

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