Operation of XRF instruments requires calibration and method validation, as well as estimation of uncertainty for each determination of concentration. This section discusses the development of the calibration curves in use at HAL, the tests performed to validate the calibration, and the method employed to calculate total measurement uncertainties.  Graphical data for each element may be found in the list of elements below. For more information see the sections Calibration and Validation and Measurement Uncertainty.

Key to charts, in order of presentation:

  • Calibration charts – first chart
  • Raw validation charts – buff background
  • Normalized validation charts for major elements – light blue background
  • Precision tests – green background (raw data blue, normalized data orange; raw quartz-diluted data light blue, normalized purple)
  • Average validation uncertainty – dark blue background (raw data blue, normalized data dark orange; raw quartz-diluted data light blue, normalized light orange)
  • Reference material uncertainty – final chart


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