Appointment-based tutoring is currently available. If you need help, please reach out to us at qsr@hamilton.edu. Appointment-based tutoring will mostly be held in person, but if needed, exceptions can be made to allow for virtual tutoring.

Tutoring sessions can be scheduled on TutorTrac or you can visit the QSR Kiosk for assistance.

Individual Tutoring

You can meet with a tutor individually for one hour a week to review QSR course content in the Center.

Facilitated Group Study

Meet weekly for one hour with a small group of students from your class and a tutor. During these sessions students are expected to work collaboratively toward a deeper understanding of QSR course content. Tutors will visit classes that have facilitated group sessions to share details on the times and locations for each group.

Recurring Tutoring

After trying drop-in, facilitated group study, or individual tutoring, an individual may decide they need consistent tutoring for the remainder of the semester.  In this case, a recurring session may be requested. This is done using the form below. Prior to scheduling the appointment, QSR will seek faculty approval.


Jessica Kelly

Director of the Quantitative & Symbolic Reasoning Center

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