Some Responses From Students Who Have Used the QSR Center

“My tutor went through the problems step by step with me, making sure I understood.”

“The tutor helped me with the basic concepts, and then apply them to the problem we were working on, which helped me to learn material much faster.”

“The tutors helped me by figuring out how I was approaching the questions, then they helped lead me in the right direction...they would ask probing questions when I was stuck.”  “Thanks, Robert and Tara!”

“My tutor was excellent at teaching concepts and helping me with problems.  He never failed to go above and beyond.”

“It's a great resource for the quantitative classes. The chemistry tutors helped me understand a very difficult concept.”

“The people are very helpful, and I do not mind asking for help.”

“I liked working with a peer [tutor] on a one-to-one basis.”

“The tutors were friendly and helpful. They answered my questions and helped me through my problems.”

“[the help is] Less intimidating than a professor.”

“It gives me time to work with students who have taken the course.”

“The help in the Center actually know what they are doing.”

Tutor Appointments

Peer tutor and consultant appointments are managed through TracCloud (login required). Find resources and more information about the ALEX centers using the following links.


Jessica Kelly

Director of the Quantitative & Symbolic Reasoning Center

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