Peer Teams


Our Discovery Team Interns are students who have been trained on career development topics such as writing resumes and cover letters, networking, and interviewing. In addition to facilitating workshops and coordinating programs, they serve as liaisons to groups around campus to coordinate workshops. You will most often find these students hard at work in KJ, Sadove, Bristol, or the Science Center. If you would like to request a specific workshop for your student group, email Janine Oliver at joliver@hamilton.edu.

Discovery Team Members
Leili Aliyari ’20
Jeremy Benjamin ’19
Alisha Blades ’20
Julia Booth ’19
Rachel Dawson ’19
Alexandra Duggan ’20
Craig Engert ’21
Morgan Foster ’19
Kyra Ganswith ’19
Vincent (Paul) Giuliano ’19
Elizabeth Groubert ’21
Cesar Guerrero Domenech ’20
Fiker Haile ’19
Will Kaback ’20
Maggie Luddy ’20
Olivia Maddox ’20
Jerad McMickle ’19
Anna Neumann ’21
Grace Passannante ’20
Kara Pooley ’19
Karthik Ravishankar ’19
Julia Reynolds ’20
Tori Stapleton ’19
Evan Tatro ’20
Anna Warrell ’20
Oliver Watkins ’21
Grace Woolson ’21
Emily Yong ’19

Connect Team

The mission of the Connect Teams is to engage fellow students in industry-specific career-related exploration.  Connect Team Interns help other students:

  • Explore different industries
  • Build networking skills
  • Connect with alumni in potential fields of interest
  • Develop industry-specific knowledge, vocabulary, and skillsets
  • Prepare to search and apply for opportunities

The Connect Teams plan industry-specific programs, workshops, events, and panels to showcase alumni in corresponding fields and positions. Additionally, the Connect Team develops and maintains reference materials and resources to assist students who seek to obtain knowledge about and pursue opportunities in eight key industry areas.

Connect Team Members
Jackie Bussgang ’19
Group Lead
Sindy Chen ’19
Julia Dupuis ’21
Claire Lincoln ’20
Hunter Reynolds ’19
Group Lead
Rachel Cady ’19
Will Jordan ’20
Jaydin Knight ’21
Jackie Bussgang ’19
Group Lead
Sterling Bray ’20
Adriana Jonas ’21
Samantha Weeks ’19
Group Lead
Molly Clark ’19
Robbie Lane ’20
Hunter Reynolds ’19
Group Lead
Maddy Fargis ’20
Sarah Fox ’20
Annalie Garcia ’19
Samantha Weeks ’19
Group Lead
Olivia Northrop ’19
Diana Perez ’21
Kailey Carlson ’20
Group Lead
Patrick Grant ’20
Tessa Lavin ’20
Group Lead
Elaine Yip ’21
Kailey Carlson ’20
Group Lead
Paul Hart ’20
Kristen Hughes ’20
Maisie Merz ’21
Caroline Zuchold ’19
Group Lead
Rosa Carter ’21
Anna Scutt ’19
Ellie Riehle ’20
Jack Smith ’20
Caroline Zuchold ’19
Group Lead
Cat Berry ’19
Maya Figliuolo ’20
Morgan Perry ’21

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