Interviewing Guide CoverPreparation

  • Research the organization. Learn about the history, products and/or services, growth, future prospects, and any recent press the organization has received.
  • Network with people in the industry. If possible, talk to someone who works for the organization with which you are interviewing. Try to get a feel for the culture of the company, and any current trends in the industry.
  • Prepare answers to commonly asked questions in advance. Find them (and much more advice!) in the Interviewing Guide.
  • Practice! HireVue Digital Interview is a free practice interview service. It includes video questions as well as a few minutes of a practice game to help you become more familiar with how the process will be if you receive an interview to take an actual HireVue interview from a company.


Be brief but articulate in your responses. Give concrete examples of your skills/experiences. For example, after identifying leadership as a skill, cite your role as team captain or student advisor to demonstrate that skill in action. Tell stories that emphasize your accomplishments.

Display your enthusiasm for the company and the position. A monotone voice and lackluster approach will make you seem disinterested.

At the close of the interview, thank the interviewer and clarify the next step. Ask when you should be expecting to hear about a decision or second interview.

Follow Up

Send a thank you letter or email immediately following the interview to the interviewer and others with whom you met. Refer to the Cover Letter Guide for more tips on writing thank you letters.

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