One way to find internship or job opportunities is to develop a list of potential employers based on your career interest area and geographic location of interest. This is called a “prospect list.”
Resources for developing a prospect list:
  • Google Maps – search for organizations that fit your criteria (i.e., law firms Philadelphia)
  • Indeed.com – Keyword or industry search plus city or zip code – the specific jobs that are generated may not be the right fit, but be sure to look at the employers
  • Personal contacts who may know of organizations fitting your criteria (a.k.a. “networking”)
Next, determine whether the organizations on your prospect list have opportunities:
  • Explore websites’ Career pages
  • Email an exploratory letter to alumni, friends or family that have worked at the organization

As you explore prospective employers, it is critical that you do some research to become familiar with the organization’s industry, specialization, career opportunities, competitors, geographic locations and more.

The following are resources for learning more about an organization in which you have interest:
  • Visit the organization’s website – read EVERYTHING!
  • Network with current or former employees of the company
  • Hoover’s Online
  • Firsthand Company Reviews & Rankings
  • Glassdoor Inside look from employees, rankings and more!

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