Career Center Mission Statement

The mission of the Maurice Horowitch Career Center is to help students integrate their liberal arts education into a lifetime of career achievement and satisfaction. Specifically, we commit to:

  • assisting current students in exploring career options, obtaining career-related experience, and securing their first job or acceptance into a graduate/professional school program;
  • teaching students the process and skills that will enable them to manage their careers throughout their lifetime; and
  • facilitating alumni engagement with the college by connecting them with students and each other for the purpose of professional development.

Career Center Philosophy Statement

Our approach to career planning is developmental. Because careers develop over the entire life span, our dual task is to teach the career planning process while at the same time assisting students in meeting their current needs. For most of our students, those current needs are focused on finding their first jobs and/or career-related experiences. To do so, we assist students in developing skills in self-assessment, career exploration, resume preparation, interviewing, and uncovering job leads that will empower them to proactively manage their own careers.

It is our belief that all work is important, regardless of salary level, prestige or current popularity. We respect the right of students to explore the diversity of the world of work and to capitalize on their special talents.

Our expectation is that students will take responsibility for their own career decisions without undue influence from others. Students are consistently advised to explore career options through a variety of methods. Conducting research and informational interviews; attending panel discussions and workshops; as well as gaining experience through summer jobs, part-time work, volunteerism and internships are supported and encouraged.

Abiding by the highest professional standards is imperative. We maintain the utmost levels of candor and honesty in our endeavors, while scrupulously guarding the confidentiality of sensitive personal and organizational information. In turn, the same level of professionalism is expected from our students as they go through this process.

The Career Center staff strives to create a positive and stimulating work environment in our office. We welcome the free exchange of ideas, encourage experimentation and innovation, and consistently attend to the personal well-being and professional growth of everyone who works here. Recognizing that our success depends on the contribution of everyone in the office, we treat each other and our students with respect, tolerance, candor and care.

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