Guided by the motto “Know Thyself,” Hamilton College prepares students for lives of meaning, purpose, and active citizenship. Because students at Hamilton can study what they love, spanning a broad array of majors and minors within the liberal arts, they are curious and passionate learners who can think deeply and critically. But the true hallmark of a Hamilton education is a student’s ability to communicate effectively. Hamilton has a national reputation for teaching students to communicate clearly because our faculty believe writing well and speaking well are evidence of one’s ability to think well. Learn more about Hamilton and its students.

If you have any questions, or want to take advantage of one of these opportunities, please contact Cheney Cronin, assistant director of employer relations, at 315-859-4954 or ccronin@hamilton.edu

Post a Job or Internship

Hamilton’s recruiting platform, Handshake, is accessible to students 24/7. Once you register, you can post a description of your organization, a position description, contact information, application requirements, and deadline information.

Visit Options

We understand that you have important information you want to share with Hamilton students regarding opportunities within your company or organization. We will promote your visit, set up a meeting room or video call, and provide a career center staff host for your information session with students.

Virtual Programming

If your company has already posted positions for internships or full-time positions in Handshake and would like to interview candidates, we can bundle resumes for you and offer times for selected candidates to be interviewed virtually.


Cheney Cronin

Assistant Director, Employer Relations

Help us provide an accessible education, offer innovative resources and programs, and foster intellectual exploration.

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