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Government and Law includes fields such as lobbying, policy research, military and politics. Hamiltonians in this industry work at places such as the U.S. House of Representatives, Mathematica Policy Research, Cravath, Swaine & Moore LLP and more.

Scroll through the blog posts and stories below to learn more about Hamilton student and alumni experiences in this industry, and then use our career resources such as Facts on File and O*Net to learn more. Finally, meet with your career advisor and explore the Career Center curriculum to learn how to network with alumni to discuss your interests and learn more about their work.

April Highlights

Preparing For an Interview: What do I buy/wear???

Getting ready for a job or internship interview is tough! In the next few newsletters, we’ll talk you through how to prepare for your interview.

A few good general guidelines if you are unsure even after researching: government- and law-related fields are generally a little more conservative—not always, but generally. What does this mean?

  • For men, this is pretty simple. A pair of trousers, a button down, dress shoes, and a tie is all you need, although a blazer might be a nice addition too. Keep a neutral, color palette—a red or black button down is a little intense. A white or light blue button down, light grey or charcoal or navy trousers, dark/medium brown or black dress shoes/wingtips (I personally prefer a rounded toe over a square, but rock on), belt, most ties are great (obviously not the time to break out your Spongebob tie), and a grey or navy blazer.
  • For women, dress codes can be a bit more difficult to navigate, especially in more conservative professions. Your easiest choices are: a button down (collared shirt with buttons that go from the collar to the bottom of the shirt), blouse (a non-cotton or jersey material generally) or sweater (I love a thin, polished crewneck), skirt (knee length or longer) or trousers, heels or flats, and potentially a blazer. Sticking to a neutral palette is easiest, but you can wear color if you want—the combinations are just a bit more challenging because this is still professional fashion, not streetwear, cool girl styling. 

A few tips:

  • Easy colors: light blue, white, navy, charcoal, black, grey.
  • Be sure if you choose a blouse that is sleeveless to have a cardigan or blazer (you might be cold) and make sure your shoulders are covered (no thin straps please).
  • Also be cognizant of neckline--it should not be low and you should not be able to see undergarments.
  • Heels should not be higher than 3 inches.
  • Should you wear heels, be sure you are stable in them and can walk a good distance in them without complaint.
  • Keep makeup and perfume scaled back—more natural than creative purple cat eye.
  • Try to either steam, iron or let your clothes hang a few days before to make sure there are no/minimal wrinkles.
  • Your tie should be tied to reach your belt buckle.
  • No denim please!

Go get your dream job!!!

Source: Cultivated Culture

Tips & Advice

  • Check out Handshake, USAjobs, and other job sites for internship postings. 
  • Practice before your interview. Schedule an appointment with your career advisor for them to interview you tailored for the position using your application materials and the available information!
  • To learn more about the legal field, we recommend Vault for comprehensive guides to legal job options, and Above the Law for even more helpful articles. 
  • If you still haven't found an internship opportunity, look for volunteer positions. While they do not pay, they still help build your resume and provide valuable experience. 
  • Stay informed with free access to the New York Times! The Hamilton community has access to 100 online daily passes for the NYT. You can access the online subscription using your Hamilton.edu email address to make an account on the NYT website: https://myaccount.nytimes.com/verification/edupass. Once you've made your account, the pass still must be renewed every 24 hours (or whenever you want to access the site again) which can be done by returning to the above link and providing your login information.


Alex Hollister ’17I Never Knew Where Research Would Take Me

Alex Hollister ’17 graduated with a major in Economics and double minor in Government and Hispanic Studies. He is currently working as a Survey Research Associate at Mathematica Policy Research in Princeton, New Jersey.



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