This program gives sponsors the opportunity to make a meaningful impact on a student’s career by offering a window into their world of work.

The program is open to first-years, sophomores, and juniors eager to learn about different industries and roles.  “Snapshots” will take place anytime between December 27, 2022 and January 13, 2023.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Abby Taylor, director of employer engagement.

Beginning in November, students who have participated in a Shadowing Orientation Session can go online to a shadowing portal where they search for a sponsor by various categories: career field, location, and/or major in college.

Once the student identifies a sponsor, they send an introductory email to the sponsor to confirm the match and to begin a conversation regarding logistics. Please note, though the program was reimagined for the virtual world, sponsors can offer in-person experiences if that is desirable.

We hope you will create a meaningful career-related experience for the student by giving them a few different opportunities to see into your world.  You can create an agenda to fill a couple of hours in a single morning or spread a few opportunities out over an entire week -- whatever works for you.  Here are some ideas to get you going:


Sample Agenda One -- Single Day SnapShot:

9-9:30:  Overview of your career trajectory and current role within the organization

9:30-10:30:  Participation in an internal team strategy meeting with other staff

10:30-11: Introduce the student to an entry-level colleague on your team for a virtual coffee

11-11:15:  break

11:15-11:30:  Suggest resources and LinkedIn interests to follow for further career exploration

11:30-12: Include the student in an external client call

Sample Agenda Two -- Multi-Day SnapShot:

Monday: Overview of your career trajectory and current role within the organization

Tuesday: Include the student in an external client call

Wednesday: Review and offer feedback on resume and LinkedIn profile 

Thursday:  Invite your team to discuss different roles in the company with the student

Friday: Provide networking contacts both inside and outside of the Hamilton community

Most students enjoy the opportunity to engage in the work of the organization.  Depending on the fit, you might even consider providing a Snap Internship opportunity (5 to 40 hours of project-based work) as a follow up to the Snapshot Shadowing.

Please remember that these students are often at the beginning stages of career exploration and decision making. Try to bring yourself back to that period of your life to remember what level of awareness you had about the world of work. You may want to have a preliminary phone conversation with the student to ask more about career objectives and what the student hopes to learn during the job shadow. Even if your work function does not align exactly with the student’s interests, s/he will benefit from learning about the world of work and what it is like to be in a professional setting.

Winter Break Program
Dec. 1 - Dec. 27 — Student will contact you between these dates to arrange a mutually convenient day for the job shadow to occur.
Dec. 27 - Jan. 13 — Job shadows should take place between these dates at a time that works for you and the student.


Please advise the student about appropriate attire and backgrounds for meeting virtually as well as how they should address your colleagues. 

Shadowing not only helped me understand the logistics of each department in children’s literature (publicity, editorial, marketing, sales, finance), but I was also able to build connections with staff in each field and get applicable, realistic advice.

Kayah Hodge '21 creative writing major Kayah Hodge '21

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