Last summer Marisabel Rey '19 and Professor of Art Rebecca Murtaugh were among Emerson project collaborators.

Hamilton has announced recipients of the 2018 Emerson Summer Grants. Created in 1997, the Emerson Foundation Grant program was designed to provide students with significant opportunities to work collaboratively with faculty members, researching an area of interest. Twenty-six Hamilton students and 26 faculty members will work on the following projects this summer. The students will make public presentations of their research throughout the academic year. Recipients are:

Jacob Altman-Desole ’19 and Professor of History Doug Ambrose 
Hamilton’s Place in the History of Abolitionism

Angelique Archer ’20 and Associate Professor of Theatre Mark Cryer
Ain’t I a Woman: Challenging Narratives of Color

Emily Aviles ’19 and Visiting Assistant Professor of Theatre Sara Walsh
How to Create Theatre for and with Trauma Survivors

Claire Curran ’20 and Professor of Sociology Dan Chambliss
Fraternities at NESCAC Colleges

Zachary Deming ’20 and Professor of Comparative Literature Peter Rabinowitz
Self Told Slant: Toward a Narratology of Motive and Behavior

Ethan Dunn ’20 and Professor of Philosophy Marianne Janack
Hermeneutics and the Sublime: Secular Transcendence

Louis Mark Dzialo ’19 and Associate Professor of Art History Deborah Pokinski
History of Edward W Root and Root Art Center-Teaching Visual art at Hamilton

Emma Fighera ’20 and Associate Professor of Art Rob Knight
Visual Ambrosia: Verity and the Contemporary Photographic Landscape

Ram Franqui ’19 and Associate Professor of Philosophy Katheryn Doran
Wittgenstein's Influence on Psychological Methodology

Zhaosen Guo ’21 and Associate Professor of Biology Wei-Jen Chang
The First Chinese Student on the Hill

Ian Hohm ’20 and Associate Professor of Philosophy Russell Marcus
Finding Connections East and West: Exploration of Comparative Philosophy

Shavell Jones ’21 and Associate Professor of East Asian Languages and Literatures Kyoko Omori
Japanese Views of African Americans: 1940s-50s

Hunter Lewinski ’20 and Visiting Assistant Professor of Literature Andrew Rippeon
Seriality, Heteroglossia, and the Peripherality of Language

Konstantin Manokhin ’19 and Visiting Assistant Professor of History Faiza Moatasim
Low-Income Housing Regulations in Greater New York City Suburbia

Christina Naston ’20 and Assistant Professor of Classics Anne Feltovich
Working on Pylos Dig

Ashley Ramcharan ’20 ad Associate Professor of Africana Studies Nigel Westmaas
Studying Transition to College for People of Color

Angelica Ramos ’20 and Visiting Assistant Professor Education Studies Meredith Madden
Look into the Lives of Mexican-American Students in East LA Post-Chicano Movements

Anthony Reyes ’20 and Professor of Music Doc Woods
Jazz Fusion Album”                                         

Geoffrey Schweller ’19 and Professor of Art History Scott MacDonald
Representations of Place in Ethnographic Film

Eleanor Silva ’19 and Professor of French Bonnie Krueger
Linguistic Experience of Francophones in Maine

Adrian Summers ’19 and Resident Designer, Theatre Production Manager Jeff Larson
Racial Bias in Lighting in Theatre

Muhammed Huzefah Umer ’21 and Professor of Government Steve Orvis
Examining Trade policies of China and US in Kenya, Pakistan and Brazil.”

Shanay Wadhwani ’19 and Associate Professor of Mathematics Chinthaka Kuruwita
Predicting Fifa World Cup outcomes with statistics

Jinhong Wang ’19 and Professor of Government Alan Cafruny
Sino German Relationships: Economic Interests or Ideological Differences

Lilly Yangchen ’20 and Lecturer in Environmental Studies Andrea Murray
Gross National Happiness, Cultural Identity, Ecotourism in Bhutan

Stephanie Zhang ’19 and Associate Professor of East Asian Language and Literatures Masaaki Kamiya
Analysis of Learning of Negative Quantifiers by Japanese Learners of English

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