Travel Accident Insurance

While traveling on business authorized by or at the direction of the College, employees of the College are covered by a special life insurance policy in the amount of $100,000 (accidental death and dismemberment). If traveling to a country excluded by the insurance carrier, coverage does not apply. Current excluded countries are as follows: Afghanistan, Algeria, Columbia, Iraq, Israel, Libya, Saudi Arabia, South Sudan, Sudan, and Canada.  
The coverage provides Travel Assistance Services as well. Additional information can be found at Travel Assist.

Global Companion Coverage

While traveling outside the United States on business authorized by or at the direction of the College, employees are also covered by the Global Companion Policy. This coverage provides coverage for kidnap and ransom ($100,000) and medical evacuation/medical repatriation/repatriation of mortal remains ($100,000).  Coverage is also provided for emergency medical expense support (amounts advanced must be repaid by the employee within 45 days of the incident).

When traveling, please bring the MedEx ID card with you for reference.  It includes important policy info and contact phone numbers.

Any questions regarding these insurances should be directed to Auxiliary Services, 315-859-4999.

Contact Information

Auxiliary Services

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