Located on the second floor landing of the chapel tower stairway (take stairway to the left as you enter the chapel.) The prayer room is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week while the college is in session for quiet prayer and reflection for all members of the community. Shoes must be removed, and no food or drink are allowed in this space.

Muslim Prayer Room photo
Muslim Prayer Room, 2nd floor landing of the chapel

Muslim students and any other interested members of our community are encouraged to join in the regular rhythm of prayer in the tradition of Islam which occurs five times daily:

  • Morning prayer before sunrise
  • Early afternoon prayer
  • Late afternoon prayer
  • Sunset prayer
  • Early night prayer

The Wudhu Station

Located in the bathroom on the third floor of the chapel, the wudu station is the site for ritual ablutions – the washing required before Muslim prayer.

Shakil Hossain '14
Shakil Hossain '14 prepares for prayer with the wudhu washing station

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