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Chaplains are confidential resources who are available for talking about sensitive topics that seek a private setting.
For students and other members of the Hamilton community...
If you are struggling with a relationship, going through a break-up, in conflict with family members or peers, having doubts about the life of faith, wondering about the meaning of life, or just looking to shoot the breeze for a minute or two, we are ready to talk with you about what’s on your mind.

Meet Our Staff

Jeffrey McArn

College Chaplain


Jeffrey McArn with an MDiv from Harvard Divinity School, is the director of the chaplaincy with responsibilities for the Protestant community, Interfaith activities, teaching in American Studies, and for certain Community Outreach programs.

Saorsa Wissman

Interfaith Program Coordinator


Saorsa serves as administrative support for the chaplaincy, as well as an Interfaith/ Pagan Chaplain. She is completing her MDiv degree at Union Theological Seminary and brings a non-theistic, earth-centered spiritual practice into the Hamilton chaplaincy. With a deep background in Protestant and Catholic Christianity, Saorsa now identifies with the Reclaiming Tradition and justice-centered wild witches. She is also an advocate for disability rights and a signer for the hearing impaired.

Jenn Ferman

Jewish Chaplain


Jenn is the point person of our husband/wife Jewish Chaplaincy team. She comes to Hamilton College from Toronto where she was employed in programming for a large synagogue and a Jewish community organization. She has degrees in Religious Studies and Education and is active in social justice work.

Michael Ferman

Jewish Chaplain


Michael, along with his wife Jenn, is part of the Jewish chaplaincy, taking on the role of ritual and ceremonial leadership. In addition to his responsibilities as Headmaster for the Hebrew Day School in Syracuse, NY. In his previous role in Toronto, Michael was involved in program direction for a large synagogue and most recently Admissions Director for a Hebrew Academy, with graduate degrees in Jewish Studies and Education.

Fr. Peter El Hachem

Catholic Chaplain


Fr. Peter is a Maronite Catholic priest who is also trained in the Roman Catholic liturgical rites. Ordained to the priesthood in his native Lebanon, he served parishes in Beirut and South America, before coming to his current role as Pastor for St. Louis Gonzaga Church in Utica, NY. Fr. Peter celebrates mass on campus typically on Sundays, Tuesdays and Fridays, and is available for confession or informal conversation on those days.

Imam Tom Facchine

College Imam


Imam Tom is the imam for Utica Masjid (Muslim Community Association of Mohawk Valley) on Kemble Street in Utica, and serves as our College Imam as a member of our chaplaincy staff. Following graduation from Vassar College, Tom attended the Islamic University of Madinah in Saudi Arabia where he obtained degrees in classical Arabic, comparative Islamic law in 2020, and completed the chaplaincy program conducted under the supervision of the Prophet’s Mosque in 2019. Imam Tom is typically on campus Thursday afternoons and occasionally Friday evening for MSA dinner discussions.

Togan Timothy Kohlbrenner

Syracuse Zen Center/Advisor to Meditation Club

Resource for Weekly Sitting Meditation

Bob Ford

Chapel Music Director


Office Hours: By appointment

Lily McArn

Chapel Therapy Dog


Lily, black lab mix rescue dog, has been certified as a therapy dog with Therapy Dogs International since 2016, and has served daily as a nonverbal counselor for Hamilton students who are looking for an empathic presence, or are simply missing their dogs at home. Lily was born on August 17, 2010 and loves long walks. Students can come by to walk her any time.

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