About the Protestant Chapel Community

What We Are About... or Hope to Be!

  1. We seek to bring together whosoever will come, anyone sensing a commitment to love – the creative outreach to generate good will and understanding across the many differences which might otherwise separate us.
  2. We know people have been oppressed by the Christian tradition, but we also believe Jesus guides us toward these important realities:
    • We all share in the tendency to self-interest and therefore the alienation of others.
    • Through seeking forgiveness for our shortsightedness, we recognize the power of God to transform us into people committed to addressing the suffering of others.
    • We hold before us a vision for our common life: to be a family of mutual compassion, seeking out and lifting up those among us experiencing exclusion and powerlessness.
  3. We use the Protestant Christian tradition and its scripture, songs, sacraments, meditations, and prayer to remind ourselves that we are a part of the body of the whole life with God, which includes all people, and all religions. We welcome anyone to seek this experience with us, and to take a leadership roles among us in this effort – women and men, queer and straight, people of any racial identity, or ability, or socio-economic status, student or otherwise, great GPA or just squeaking by ...
  4. We are all on this journey together of finding our common sisterhood and brotherhood, and we pray that though our practice and prayer and outreach, that God’s healing reconciling love might take a stronger hold in our world as the spirit of good will makes the usual way of economic oppression, racial denigration and violent responses to difference turned into a community of peace.

Join us. Help us create and nurture a beloved community here at Hamilton College.

Help us provide an accessible education, offer innovative resources and programs, and foster intellectual exploration.

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