Life at Hamilton College can get intense. In the rush of class assignments, labs, practices, papers, and activity meetings, it’s very easy to forget about the big picture. What is the meaning of it all? Why am I here? What is important about what I’m doing? Who am I in the midst of all this activity?

A retreat — stepping out of the whirling grip of an active life, even for 24 hours -- can reduce your stress level, and more importantly, help you re-prioritize about what is important about what might be getting squeezed out by things that are not actually important to you.

There is a log cabin, 30 minutes from campus, with a wood-burning stove and an old hand pump to bring delicious spring water up from the ground, and with a nature walk around a pond, and a fire pit under a beautiful sky on top of a hill that is waiting for you. We gather people once a semester to re-focus on who is God (or the center of what is real/ important to you) and how to pay attention to that center.

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