Student Support Care Team (SSCT) case managers provide comprehensive prevention, outreach and follow-up services to identify and assist students in need of support in managing any aspects of their well-being. Case managers work collaboratively with both off and on campus resources to proactively identify and serve students in need. SSCT takes a strength-based approach and strives to create safer spaces for all in which resilience, self-advocacy, and personal and academic success are achieved.

Effective case management prioritizes the safety and security of the College community and works to ensure that individual students have access to appropriate resources and support services.

What to Expect: Case managers reach out to students if we are made aware that they may be struggling with some aspect of campus life and/or have been impacted by a recent event. A meeting will be scheduled in which the case manager and student will discuss current struggles or barriers as well as action planning for future follow up including possible referrals to additional supports and ongoing case management. Continued work with a case manager may continue throughout the semester or longer as determined by the case manager and student. 

Student Support Care Team LogoStudents may also reach out to us directly to self-refer and seek support. Call 315-859-4463 or email studentsupport@hamilton.edu to find out more about our services or to schedule an appointment.

If you are concerned about a student experiencing distress, please let us know. 

Submit a Care Team Referral

If you are concerned that someone is in danger of harming themselves or others, immediately contact Campus Safety at 315-859-4000.

For other situations requiring crisis intervention, contact the Hamilton College Counseling Center at 315-859-4340. A counselor on call is also available after hours during the academic year, and may be reached by calling Campus Safety at 315-859-4000.


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Dean of Students Office

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Dean of Students Office

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Elihu Root House
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