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Medical Leave of Absence Information


Please see below the process to return to Hamilton after a medical leave of absence.

  1. Send a letter of Intent to Return (November 15th for the spring semester and March 15th for the fall semester) to  dosdept@hamilton.edu. This letter should state that you would like to return to Hamilton for the following semester and that you feel ready to do so. Briefly describe the reason for your Medical Leave of Absence, what you have done to address these concerns, and in what ways you feel ready to return to the responsibilities of a full-time college student.
  2. Once you have received an email stating that you have been granted provisional return from medical leave, you should then be on the lookout for information from Residential Life regarding housing selection.  If you have any specific questions please contact Residential Life (315-859-4023 or reslife@hamilton.edu.  Also, contact your faculty advisor and the Registrar’s Office (315-859-4637 or regofc@hamilton.edu) about registering for classes.
  3. Contact the Financial Aid Office (315-859-4413 or finaid@hamilton.edu) to confirm that you intend to return to campus for the following semester and to take any action necessary to apply for aid if appropriate.
  4. Before the beginning of the semester of your return (Between November 15th and November 30th for the spring semester and May 15th and May 31st  for the fall semester), we will need your provider to complete the Provider Return Form, along with written permission to speak with your provider directly as/if necessary to discuss planning for your return to school. If you have not submitted your provider letter and given us permission to speak with your provider by November 30th/May 31st, you will not be able to return for the following semester. 
  5. We are requesting that you do a CARE Plan with your provider. This should be submitted by November 30th/June 1st. See below for more information about developing a CARE Plan.

If you go out on a medical leave of absence after November 1st for the fall semester or March 15th for the spring semester, the medical leave will extend through two semesters unless there are extenuating circumstances. 
Please note, that while on leave, you may only visit the campus for academic reasons that may not be resolved via email or a phone call.  In these cases, a visit must be approved by the Dean of Students Office.

Provider Return Form:

Your provider must complete and sign the Provider Readmission Form and fax (315-859-4077), mail, or send as an attachment in an email from the provider to dosdept@hamilton.eduThis must be received between November 15th and November 30th for a spring semester return and May 15th – May 31st for a fall semester return. Our committee will meet to make final decisions regarding your return, and if we do not have your full information by these dates, we cannot consider your request for the following semester.  Provider Readmission Form

Provider Phone Call:

In some cases, we may need to speak with your provider before you are granted a full return to Hamilton. This phone call will be with Sarah Solomon, Associate Dean of Students for Student Support, and/or David Walden, Director of the Counseling Center and/or Barb Fluty, Director of the Health Center and your provider. You will need to sign a consent form at your provider’s office giving us permission to have this conversation. Once this permission has been granted, please email dosdept@hamilton.edu with the contact information and a copy of the consent form attached. This is an important part of the return protocol and must be done before full student status will be approved.

If we do not receive your provider letter of support or have a signed consent and contact information to talk with your provider by December 1st/May 31st, you will not be approved to return for the following semester.

Hamilton CARE Plan:

Along with the Provider Return Form, we strongly suggest that students who have been out on a Medical Leave of Absence create a CARE Plan in conjunction with their provider

A CARE Plan, helps you to access support and resources while at Hamilton to ensure your safety and success. This CARE Plan will be a useful tool for you to reference during your readjustment to campus life. This can include things like exercise, individual and group counseling, seeing your psychiatrist for medication management, participation in social activities, and having a structured schedule so that basic self-care such as eating and sleeping are attended to. For some students, regular meetings with their faculty advisor, receiving tutoring or help at the QSR, and a commitment to reach out to their professors for academic feedback and support may be an important part of not getting behind or overwhelmed in their courses.

Everyone who has been out on a Medical Leave of Absence is required to meet with a member of the Case Management Team upon their return and thereafter on an as-needed basis. The CARE Plan will be discussed with you and a member of the Case Management team in the first few weeks of school.

Registering for Classes and Other Coursework Questions:

For your classes, please contact your faculty advisor and the Registrar's Office. (315-859-4637 regofc@hamilton.edu) They can help you select classes and delineate a plan of action to meet all of your credit and major requirements.

Housing Questions:

The Office of Residential Life can answer your questions about housing, including using your Hill Card, belongings, when you can be back on campus, potential room changes or roommate issues, and other residence hall questions. (315-859-4023or reslife@hamilton.edu)

International Students:

Please contact Dean Allen Harrison (315-859-4021 or aharriso@hamilton.edu) by November 1st for readmission in the spring and April 1st for readmission in the fall to go over the necessary documentation for your return to campus.

Other Questions:

Please contact the Dean of Students Office (315-859-4020/dosdept@hamilton.edu) with any other questions that you might have about your Medical Leave of Absence and return.


Contact Information

Dean of Students Office

Elihu Root House
198 College Hill Road
Clinton, NY 13323

Mon.-Fri.: 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
315-859-4020 315-859-4077 dosdept@hamilton.edu
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